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Could Liverpool make amends for its 3-0 opening day defeat to West Brom when the Baggies visit Anfield on Monday? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Liverpool they ol' West Bromwich Albion team that backing. He's advanced best victory at 2000 did that exceed. You may have ended Liverpool's hopes of itself will finish in hindsight have been pulled in the back inside the opening ten minutes John -- Shelby puck in game. After Foster Harry until it's definite but the flag was quickly -- -- -- -- Shelby at best friend -- -- -- go -- the season. Direct -- from the referee's assistance as well. The flu coming into this game having -- that last three B gangs attempt field without conceding -- goal. Have the vast majority of the chances in this game we're up against -- Albion goal keeping in fine fooled. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And 71 minutes reading this at some -- with the the follow up into the site ethnic. To that one great save by Boston from Gerald. And that was it -- to follow shortly after this. -- awarded a penalty in controversial circumstances. -- -- -- Billy Suarez coming together record return of the most decided that was enough contact to award a penalty kick. -- stat Tehran to take it but once again made false that the united. Another outstanding save from the West Bromwich Albion -- that. That's a bit much for the Vikings to shouts about that night. And lost by that then that six matches coming in today's world. That this was to be dead and I didn't have a show also goes it's -- to hit it. That was to -- the post from the results that go to Garrett but Cooley had a game. Reds of roaches will want to fly. It was an out to have a favor and kill before -- team right now. That that -- standing still -- and second of the season. But it got even back there in the final minutes off the match substitute Robin did a copy sealing the victory. Picked up his tenth goal of the season and win -- out you go look up to the food at the table that are up to right. A much needed three points for them at damaging defeat -- -- looking like a store attempt into the -- bail West Bromwich Albion team.

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