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Current Video:Lennon: Celtic 'not massive underdogs'|

Hoops manager Neil Lennon believes his side should not be counted out as Juventus visits Celtic Park for their UEFA Champions League round of 16 first leg match.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll -- and refuses to accept that south it will be massive underdogs in their last sixteen champions league tie with the events this. The Italian champions take an unbeaten record in the competition to Celtic park tomorrow night and Lannan has to -- at the wise. He sought advice from sir Alex Ferguson throughout this year being campaign. When I took over. I think this is be one of the best achievements is to bring. These and expect to -- so that fourth and it was as soon issue a -- European at Celtic park it'll be. A fantastic arena football arena. And them. For me one of the best -- the season and woeful over the -- European football. I was sort of our supporters -- -- and obviously the players who played -- part both. For me to bring these they expect to see the clothing is something that means a lot seemingly in them -- and his experience sits on his dignity before. Little referring to. You talk about emissions and support you thought before the students in conversations with saw experienced in particular can just. My rhythm or not just the most important putt within the game the police expect to. I'll give a lot of you know well -- and then. People congratulate -- -- On reaching this fees -- tournaments and obviously that the win over Barcelona captured. The imagination of a lot of people. Sir Alex's. Each of the -- is sort of yours wants to name in only 210 minutes of this heavy scheduled -- Coleman does -- himself from the backroom team and through the campaign east Buchanan talks you know. So little tidbits here and down. That's what they some awfully good for. A -- monitored in the weeks he's from Kosovo always o's will and I hope and then. He's -- -- as it seems that ovals. And I don't think I've been on an infinite well I think we opens at The Who championed them. You know going into the scheme your Nubian admitted that he must have on the books and gold medal places though himself.

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