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  1. final score2:10
  2. Westwood1:37
  3. Giants0:27

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How would Premier League struggler Aston Villa cope with visiting West Ham?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stability West Ham United -- -- a big outs at the relegation site. After huge victory that best in the -- you -- It to 8000 -- -- issued a bit ahead with less than two minutes of the club. Christian bad technique shots filled by yes and yes and I did. Giants climate still wondering how that statistical -- That -- to see that then you would that if it would be that sort of day. And that desperately -- first up. Second was much spectacular -- that they could break through. From the penalty spot Giles in Sofia offended by but I pool. And victory went to -- pointing to this ball. That's yet to score Christian bad second -- and he did it necessary from twelve yards. He said yes and I did the runway and school of his invented that you need a goal of the season. That a double that they don't know after that Charles insult you with his best of the campaign. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The first time bitter at school team goals -- -- -- of the eight gates and sent him that they needed -- the that's the last half then wretched wave pool could seabees but it managed to get themselves of the school she it was a bit up and you've got to go. Joseph Cole's cross they need to reside -- off the head and passion Westwood. -- haven't been taken to school like for the next points pool and they didn't wait for. That would all of a sudden I had been asked that a team -- had sent me three minutes at the local time to go to bed Ford stoppages. Plenty of -- -- -- a bit -- let's not always thinks deployed right at the very edge that the case beyond basic rules. I've been -- you guys like he sent we'll say it. Maybe it's safe for the results prove that they've been a help to people to bring Beckett back into the final score in the ask ability west you know I think we'll.

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