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A win over visiting Everton would put the Red Devils 12 points clear of second place Manchester City. Could Sir Alex Ferguson's men do it? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Premier League leaders Manchester United Sid Natalie -- -- twelve point lead at the top of the table. They defeated Davidson -- -- an old friend that. Think he decides instead to -- the title. The red Devils showed few signs of flipping their minds here although I'm usually think in. And then the sequel so facility in the the Max Smith Tim by Wayne Rooney. Does he still experiencing now the post game Davidson's rescue. It wasn't an expense and means that over the it's about three minutes late says rolling game since the score. Spends nearly killed campaign extends into the bullpen blew it who happens to be 21 season's competition. United all time greats. But it's not. Would say it's really cynical. And seal victory in this game just people will sign. With 45 minute sending this -- event because he did get on the school streets. It was a very similar -- -- -- -- -- -- missed in the opening ten minutes. This time the -- Reynolds who -- response. Millwood was born at most and to lead my team that would be possible in some reason next. The second half saw the red Devils conserve their energy and some Real Madrid in the champions league in ruins. Even so united still look like the more like the schools in the second political activists. The team now let's say from -- Evans -- somehow survived didn't blink Siegelman scramble. -- just unable. The principal and the line in the aftermath. With the results including -- and went -- once again. Some of the shots were spectacular save on the ballot. This match was important couldn't be an attempt to -- -- twelve point lead at twelve to play the recently untouchable it finished united seemed to do.

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