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Watch the full interview of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson discussing his restructuring of the club's youth policy when he arrived in 1986 and how the Red Devils have benefited from it.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's 27 years in shots tonight. And has won more than thirteen trophies Hendry pulled my. Global phenomenon. In the world and. When I came into the game and -- you don't win. Any discussion throughout the night before I stopped no fight off Australians maybe comment gym clothes and I didn't. Villanova any dialogue and -- Coming and approaching Joseph -- classes what did I believe and I think it was more you know. Who doesn't who drove for your second -- -- we can -- if something -- -- or some sod that didn't know lift compensation to rebuild and I. I think the reason. -- -- continue -- -- the Joba did love and you know obviously it and then another didn't I didn't tell the same as it did it. Both Kubel homered giving -- his system of continuously. That was part of the success of the club so my dad would say even speaking to about -- from the once that was fun. I'm an old what do you systems like -- For somebody. To find out if I was it. In the country. He's okay. -- really commanded to. A lot of those images scared and then it was -- Hawaii west Cassel. -- way of life for professional. You know it's infinitely adjustable. I mean that Kentucky was a total loss. Thought -- believe -- -- and it and the Canadian museum and an appearance tires. Dawkins homecoming. Who's telling -- it was different topic called dad did for me that Sunday night at six. Over how far sailors on the phone cuts. The minute you typed it -- at all. Beat me so it. He's told can be -- -- quicker. I do think there will be it was a fantastic guys and. And then Ningxia but it couldn't blame can do quickly called. And you Ole -- who just do teachers in the nicest idea -- -- -- -- form alliances with what the school teachers. And in my -- and India and that was an important step forward because. No way we would come home. -- And no -- -- -- but I must have holes so I don't know what we're bringing boys and from there -- ministers. The Angels said well. And that's and that might do nuts. They go on the Michigan because to the board and we'll. Won't have you always there to go to triple probably could go build the three young people. An only child but Taylor was invisible please -- -- when they've saying -- when I am. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His -- you. And then homestand and have an emotional game and always welcome because I knew I was using it to -- Ryan's been on a roll over three times. And his walk from the pavilion in that -- pitch. This is how -- can hit them and you really. Because I felt that I instantly as it. They'll tell -- it is about. So what Piven wins. And is open is awfully -- and fortunately the quiz them. And got the support from blew more we gave and I'm not that -- also. However -- would have to try to achieve. On you say it was always supported. There's a consistency. And -- really go to Jones via and the like I consistency and experience. Then because I'm. An advantage in terms of the deal with all the different -- -- -- In some cases not always easy you know you hear his familiar groove and boom we go about their. -- most folks we have to do both sides of it but there's also the development of accounted for would have to go through. And then to get -- understanding through anybody's job. Since it's a commitment. We've done under the sand you can do I'll tell him. And so there's -- in the missing his physicals played well I think also we should do Ellis. We get the pins and too young to understand who really can. They -- just doesn't fit. And we've. Been -- Relentless. Kind of money is no easy for young people to. I knew some things to dive on the clock stopped. And usually do some of it always in compliance comes. As you know fans -- coming -- the waves of course -- can be -- home. The dangers of dogs over these things that don't fuel. From sixteen team. Experience you know -- -- is it. The sale and save that factions of the if you bought. There's no nothing to do small things we do you intend to -- did come through up here from sixteen to nineteen minute. The those are distractions for the most dynamic more than they did. When Brian -- saying he's an official contact us and how would you -- of the current events from him. You right. This -- -- talk for your contract. Quarterly as a and today have you -- and told -- different variables together of course. Sort of as the meningitis. And responsibility to make sure. But again conditions so they can last for the authorities who can blame the people schools would hope so and they did that because they can do without themselves. Millions of Romo the best tennis of course it could buy you can often failed for the could play the highest level. When I started as a coach. Of course doctor told the guys tell us. -- your sentiment team he's going. Tomlinson. And Orlando. Just to slice you know and so. -- -- Because well I was a playoff. Used to give you those days in -- state buying things for us. Can prepare us. See home -- sponge. He and his dad and they you know they -- they can put dribble you know so I was when I get -- I don't remember. Always this I was always best when and on Clemens -- and I played in the south and it. Just brings to -- and he's always got a few weeks ago fame. And I felt physically. So when I became. What beautiful and again. Court while sending him. And had a bad Nalbandian and then he's out of the -- and united. Because of bonds and we sports science and nutrition no good experience -- be out here. -- the content pigskin around and he wanted to go out there. You know his soul to meticulously. -- -- Then today that tell them. This is a very good team as there is always recognized the courses you tell us. -- -- And and and given me. I was thinking that if -- -- -- team playing well then you'd be pitching in the match something you've adapted -- you want to put -- It's a fight that. Desk happiest day to -- and the wonderful thing. A possible. All season by the I'm not sure this is a few more they know -- together. It's -- fifteenth and then.