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There was never a dull moment in Saturday's battle at the Liberty Stadium.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wouldn't call registry event in big trouble at the -- of the of the -- -- -- -- -- -- gave a great run was -- and frantically by Swansea city. You have just -- -- the -- ten matches now we're just had to -- they just won't say those last five games but they were behind here inside of ten minutes. It's his first goal in seven matches. Acceptance into the season and they and I shot. Mean parent into his path towards -- -- Sosa off in the Q -- We lost just two points this season after scoring for us that his door was always likely supreme importance. Make double that -- ten minutes -- to. Fullback -- Joseph -- scoring his second goal of the season. The -- rampant through pool league -- you -- that Rancho. This -- on its feet for Brazil against England at Wembley in the weight loss but they can't. -- that it was so I was somewhat shortly afterwards -- particular Flores to stretch it off through injury just a couple of waits hopefully league cup final. And at least start the second half keeping up back to the guy that -- -- double -- outside. Hoping some more how to debate on the -- us -- minutes before the half the deficit. -- still with the Susan -- just top scorer with his throw strikes in September. It was game -- again. -- -- are less than three minutes -- seconds one season to go to -- was restored. The food don't decision from Pablo Hernandez always I've witnessed what. He picked his way through a congested penalty area and somehow big Syria assists on Olympic this supported with this what. Right on this and I've been trying to close it crept in the floor cooled. -- -- heading for that 100 defeat in the perennially and that was still midway through the second half. Beats -- on -- again but besides that medal the other thing does the seasons when it -- that -- to -- -- -- they'll -- some scoring twice and is that you. It's completed another Bryce from and embassies Ruble. It's -- finished -- to fool you don't want.

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