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Tune in to FOX Soccer News, as Peter Odemwingie is disciplined for transfer deadline antics.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss by not watching fox soccer news last night. Welcome back to the show and welcome back to -- windy to the news. The west brom striker has learned his fights -- the trying to force through a trance that a queens park Rangers a loss would transfer deadline. 211 to Loftus road at one point and literally waiting outside as QPR refused his entry. Was promised confer on the strike has been disciplined with reportedly a final two weeks wages is sanction. Under Wendy has returned to full training and is available for selection gets into the pool Monday he was not involved last week in the loss dispersed after being sent home. On his personal website before -- go man reached out to the offense. I understand how actions have been viewed I want to apologize to the club and our supporters put any distress on May have caused. I want to reassure everyone at the club and offense I'll continue to get my old wherever I am selected. Was -- manager dusty thought puts everyone can move on. Different would you comment on Brothers and hostility between individual members. You scored did and it -- just -- from me I'm sure some will be how big. That didn't do much of result looks like the open the most emotional all of them outfitted a must've been resolved and we can move on as a group of players. I hope people take it desolate. Is as it is between Pete didn't and the other people the most important thing for does that does that professionally we move on as a group. Please. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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