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Current Video:Rafa Benitez still undecisive about Frank Lampard|

Will Rafa Benitez start Frank Lampard this weekend? Come see FOX Soccer News to find out.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It would you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. While perhaps no player did more to help his cause on Wednesday than Chelsea midfielder frank -- part. The 34 year old scored right -- England's 21 win over Brazil at Wembley and all of the sudden there's been talk of a potential contract extension at Stamford Bridge. But Rafa Benitez says lamp aren't performance on Wednesday won't affect his role with Chelsea in on does more. Some things never change at Chelsea Football Club. Speculation swirls about the -- different -- -- -- debate continues about he incident manager Rafa Benitez should -- friends that I -- -- she was McCain pulled into the spotlight after he schooled the winning goal is in the Brazil during the week but Benitez says that hasn't changed anything. I was very clear in the past and I would be very clear and non in the future. As a friend is an average of thrust into scoring the most thing left to the professional is looking very hot. I don't I can say because I'm their coach bill there -- issues. The Duke doesn't -- these these things so. This rotation for me as a coach it is the same span low scoring that goes on hopefully can grow. Loosen them. Every game he can go to regular and I wouldn't replace. -- somebody's chasing Chelsea's hopes going back Colts Benitez needs to make a decision on the he's -- attack against Wigan this weekend's. It looks like he's set to continue his policy of rotating his strike is with the -- and it's always set replaced him a ball he broke his nose last weekend so fronts. Not that takes him because I -- to do this because we -- to do it and explain talked to -- because that has that would have behind them. And also because them up by kind of definitely a -- but he you have to look -- minus both in every game. Tennessee. How they feel in the training session enough to the sac obviously -- weak and with them about with this problem and with the -- and we have to analyze in a different weight but then that is the idea and can. Played both sometimes who would we put we -- behind definitely would be difficult so we have to play one of the one that hasn't changed. Benitez knows he'll need to make the right choice that Chelsea without a winning four league matches anything other than three point six games the perennial pro meaning extra -- Could increase the pressure on the spot -- -- tolerable levels. Kind of out of it from a -- Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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