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Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has paid tribute to Everton boss David Moyes ahead of the meeting between the sides this weekend.


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Think that of the one thing that. That means you have -- record this year us three against the course of doing things twelve games as a brother joined us via. So those who have to be -- us. This in the -- to do was just. As soon. Got to prove us through that because when the first -- -- lose. -- don't -- any money to spend -- don't think -- because discordant. And needing anything would you go in there. And there. But kind of contain. You can do these things you know that's I think instigate. All you have an -- who do it did he -- prove us who could levels you know the childhood don't quote -- us. I think that Bennett the graduating -- used -- -- I think. I think it did do that this this table is between ourselves and city. That I would Chelsea told them also Davidson. You know. All those teams of assassins and you know Liverpool without his -- there's an enviable consistency. Lieutenants went to a four players -- don't. So though they head under the a minute.

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