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Current Video:Chelsea offers Frank Lampard new contract|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Frank Lampard plans to continue his international playing career with England.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It would -- missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night the ageless Franklin -- proving that he can still get the job done at 34 year old scored a beautiful goal and England's 21 win over Brazil at Wembley on Wednesday. And now we're -- Chelsea is set to offer -- part of a one year contract extension as its current deal expires in the summer. But as far as his England career is concerned my part says he sees no end in sight. -- ago right here. Do you really you're causing more what is ninety country you know they were going forever and every summer and -- put up in my lower wrist bands timers on the bench. -- -- -- respect for the manager I think he respects are one of to helping any while possibly can and thinking back on important. -- up to 94 now but there's any formal things this season for England which means to get through a hundred you've you've got to play again next next season does that in any way. Figure in terms of when you sort -- your future well. Now because Dartmouth cut the fifth best. Wherever I go. You know ever happens in my career. And when I honestly -- -- Ansari talking high grade level of football and find my best. And I was just to Athens and you know what that I -- on the caps and give it everything and every kind of fights a bit. Well according to England manager Roy Hodgson -- land party wants to keep his international prospects alive. He should not had two Major League soccer last part. Has been linked to the LA Galaxy the -- warns that a move overseas would make it more difficult for the national team coach to all the was play. And your playing partner to stay in Europe. Puts -- a look at what -- part has been able to do this season he's made seventeen appearances in the prime nearly. Netting ten -- pretty good shooting accuracy 68%. With an impressive goal to shot ratio of 40% he's created sixteen chances but has no assists and has a pass completion rate of 81%. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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