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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 26 at the Barclays Premier League kicks off of white hot -- this talk about staff -- past united. Spurs get into the game on the back of victory at west thrown the first meaningful and courtesy of another Gareth -- special. That was the welshman as an added that the campaign I'm guilty to keep fighting for next it's his team striking options if they did. To me if I was -- doubts after limping off with an actually injury dates back east. Plus it until I -- -- -- fitness will be assessed after he retired from within the projections. Harry Carey could fit enough that he was record for my legs felt -- Norwich. Recession you Cassel coming into the game we pretty confidence back to back last gasp win against Chelsea last week. Basis except I was thinking man scored a brace on his time debut in picking the winner in the final minute. Boss -- apology described it mid fielders -- Giants this -- just two million pounds in victory to be -- your treatment acquisition. After a Florida full of the impact of the -- trepidation as help the team to back to back league wins for the first time this season. There are no fresh injury could sense thought this weekend comes -- -- -- that I'll back you remained sidelined. Hamstring injury. Saturday night -- Southampton take on champions Manchester city's marries. The -- and white that this victory and did you manage your parents -- what you need to patrol team I'd most want. Defeat -- leaders Manchester United States whose arrival. Yeah Argentine Bulls can't within seconds of -- that record of -- last time outs but I'd like -- evidently Saints -- what just what -- things. Furcal signing -- Ramirez was cool stuff off time last week but expects to be fifty -- if they splash. The same guys but -- that you cried it was also leads to -- of the stadium. Funny -- that the 21 of the show is also doubtful. Sentinel and national -- Last week's all city dropped table points it's duel with their hopeful that despite -- pretty equalized difference that you acquire right. It was another blow to the champions types of retaining that title as they fell nine points behind me -- ninety. The -- SE Jan Michael -- for -- from injury last weekend. It's all right rather surreal site back in contention after a guy guy that I returned from international GT at the African nations. But specifics -- remains sidelined. By injury. It's besides vessel yet if we ended the season went nearly perfected Southampton or -- caused -- huge upset guaranteed one of that the newly crowned champions to 42. Tera byte games elsewhere on Saturday they see trouble Chelsea take on struggling we get -- that it. Norwich city FaceBook in the parrot back. Pretty traveled to Stoke City. Sunderland right next -- still plus -- -- city like Boston at the table queens park Rangers.

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