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Current Video:Europol names Liverpool as part of match-fixing investigation|

Come see FOX Soccer News, as the Europol continue their match-fixing investigation throughout Europe.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Pleasant facility on Monday -- hole is currently investigating almost 400 matches under suspicion of match fixing. One of those matches with the champions league group stage game between Liverpool and Hungarian side -- Brack and that took place back in 2009. Quoting one of the world. Most historic clubs. Be on the take -- Sullivan has that story. -- find themselves on the front line of football's war against corruption. After beautiful with the other two game in England was -- the constant point straight into the match fixing. He he's -- agency announced on Monday that 318 inches across Europe and I stepping corrupt pulling an eighteen month investigation. It was that it -- that -- was Tennessee gave it to for a Canadian team posted on within the skating question even -- alleged attempts to reach the outcome was said to have failed. It is believed that his -- keep their -- decent flex -- was -- it's at least three goals in the -- David anfield. Liverpool beat the Hungarian opponents won't nailed. That's heavily club and hopefully get the suspicion on account to the revelations. They're beautiful to right to proclaim right won't it would be going to see the in this game -- immune to match fixing. And the findings that comes with it to the -- -- steel wool coats. Something that we don't want him involved in the sport so than any school and then and I'm you know being volatile. So you know complete shots -- -- think. Don't wanna be realized anything on my own opinion -- -- none -- you -- -- -- sort of regain it when he's down. Did -- who have said that military beautiful aspect contest with the club. A little more on that directed Deep Purple doesn't -- -- according to the team the allegations of match fixing -- -- even dealt with by wafers full exits. Was given a two year ban into 110 for failing to report being approached by would be -- Sixers ahead of the match against Liverpool. And another against that are outside Fiorentina watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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