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UEFA will not shy away from showing its teeth to curb the spiraling financial losses in European soccer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They may face some of the biggest sponsorship deals in European full full. That Manchester City and Paris and should not have been more that their thoughts riches would necessarily balance the books. If you latest financial fat played really coming into effect next year doping body has been reminding clubs have plenty to demonstrate the value in their accounts. -- -- space in the last three issued a 46 teams across the constant failed to break even if Cubs haven't complained that the regulations next spring. Once they -- it for real close and a full month of losses of 45 million units and the three seasons. Committee champion since youthful good looks at just under 100 million pounds before official UEFA requirements. It's -- that would have been joined by chance we witnessed Chelsea. You're the general secretary -- -- -- -- -- there was -- their teeth and having sprawling glove season in Europe which reflect that one point one billion pounds to 2007 and 2011. Until there is he -- the rules apply it to be felt that the exclusion from the right thing and champions leaks.

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