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Current Video:CONCACAF Hexagonal Preview|

FOX Soccer News analyst Bobby McMahon previews CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss by not watching fox soccer news last night -- let's talk about the hacks. You look at the Americans and you know with -- Mexico and Honduras being their first stop these -- two of their. Biggest games arguably and they get him out the way in the first three fixtures is that good or bad thing for the Americans. Well result sell probably hello mr. beautiful view a low but definitely deciding whether it's an advisor disinvited batting in the moment I see isn't a bondage. At winning at home is a premium image is somebody else to do most competition -- particularly Colin couple local call fine. You really do you hope to win if you wanna go through -- their home games so I think is a -- pressure on and do this and make -- below but definitely by the games and guys take a bit. Even so getting to your rivals a week from woman that -- the games. Anything eating -- can pick -- when these games it could be considered on the board that's why I think the pressure's very much on the home team's. So I think to the -- I would consider to consider president bodies to USC. Oh I don't know how Honduras got to this position and -- one and demolishing of Canada to get into the -- Is that a fair reflection of how good that team is and how they got to this tax position. When did a sort of bad sad mystifying Juneau and net dot dot today that semifinal rode dead. The only school -- the games in two of them were against Q plus said that 81 winning is kind of the way -- news group leaders. But not wasn't really didn't really yet get a clear indication the performance that pains. I had to struggle to score goals they lost the -- forceful game against final month to the things. So what's the Cano went -- performs from being used to expand to look at that this squad is well bomb squad it's a team that should compete. But at least -- top four places but they did struggle my semifinal -- so he'll be -- see that pushed this said this loss takes. Well Bobby how -- -- approach going to the -- because they've got Mexico and that is no easy -- is it. At problem with the law premiums. And I can all remember one knew what local call final loss makes school level hordes and -- -- I think it goes but maybe to 2001 when course that he kept. Beat them so Gordon -- take guys -- bitty -- typical situation. You both good Jamaica say the field to make -- the arm field to meet the yet 2015 -- call so they're not going to be. Present this somewhat so that they've got a reacted they bring an end. I had originally named -- Listen English league who have won cops bringing them in the squad -- mean bay puts up to draw play to beat you because of entity but -- still left the floor on -- lives. And couldn't and -- -- cannot find -- got to McCready from that rating so. We have seen them go up to bring in some reinforcements that affordable and for the final stage so. That you look at not when that's taken sides with the spot to solidify a funny you flares up -- going to be good debut -- indeed you're not game. Tampa playing Costa Rica I don't Panama makes great hats panel had a great hat but -- about the youth soccer team in their program a bit up and coming program right now. They've been on the -- for the loss nobody dios and this is really the accumulation of that improvement attack. Then that would that would scene of the what Vinny solely day June more local call to the semifinal right local qualifying. The only conceded two goals. The finish of -- up on -- but really. They didn't need it with a low forties -- horn who has. But boy you'd please for Santos Laguna as -- wolf gets sent out hockey's a bitty -- solid play out. That race from dollar -- dallas' it usually find upfront the golf. -- in midfield when Flynn looks like the going to be -- goal is that we stay he'd Adam please put -- looking he went often jumped. Any game that ended January and he's not named in the sport's elite play you missed that could be a big mess upon -- But it also blood could schedule off the list force -- the -- week Jamaican in the goal on do this and make school warm so. If if if if -- kind get a win against -- tickets at some vein in NATO and it's it's a ball very nicely. For the next four games and that four games and would we can be looked upon them I'll be in that lol what a surprise package I think. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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