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There was never a dull moment from Sunday's clash between Manchester City and Liverpool. Find out what happened at the Etihad Stadium.


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Manchester City now trail united by nine points at the top of the table. But -- held by the pool at the emirates stadium. Since he took the ladies. And it's been -- but. Before. Sit back into the -- -- bit strong I think within six minutes like -- and still reached levels that go with it and so. It set -- right. He complaining. They felt the potency of the ball out of my opportunity to kind of went down. It's played on as my -- -- into the in truth and equalized that was the very least that -- have brought to his side is the play outplayed them -- slow periods. Send the game. -- -- To -- who lives up. But quiet minutes late -- the the -- -- believe it was it a little -- and let -- like -- people -- him right now. Right instead of the books it was typical places you. In school it's the the world's greatest and some of the fifty. This one. It was hard not to feel some sympathy for Liverpool they look like recruiting at best win of the season at the top ten particularly good position. And very nearly snatched at the end and so grateful for you to say that it's. With the -- who -- the breakthrough. He had to had to be 62. And two.

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