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Current Video:Liverpool's living legend: Steven Gerrard|

Find out how Liverpool Football Club has benefited from having Steven Gerrard at the club for his whole career thus far and what successes he has achieved.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steven Gerrard longer ago translated his club's success to the international level Wednesday English national team captain we'll have a chance to earn his 101. Cap. As England hosts five time World Cup champion Brazil live on fox soccer Stevie G. True legends of the game. He's not to come in Boston. Nice calling some special. There's a lot of sacrifice a lot of dedication who lives life. A professional football fan -- Nice part of -- and great. I know it's. In his fifteenth season in the -- first team Stephen Jones proving that age is nobody. 32 year old played every minute of the first 23 league games the only midfield play help or attack had to do so. Both former. Play better and better. I think he's just kept watching your television was incredible the Pistons friend's house and then two days and he's continued going to -- fifty home. Encouraging words to everyone connected with them -- when -- -- featured prominently on the Brendan Rodgers. This season the reds have regularly started with three teenagers in their starting eleven -- something no other team has managed even ones. -- -- Gerald plays a crucial role in nurturing that young gets. No just by watching Liverpool's fans from. He's -- -- always there for the younger players he almost. So yeah I'm sure we'll continue to. So we're. He's unquestioned loyalty and majestic -- Performances of both club and country club on a day in January by the football -- -- association. They -- -- attributable to beat England captain. -- recently won his. -- got a dinner in London. Also for the same time it's a fantastic achievements and it's good to move the Hendry didn't. Hopefully this still. If you wanted to -- right. An incredible play sixteen the only time VFW a general to help little -- a tough traveling 2001. -- I'll -- unforgettable champions. Victory in 2005. Then all my. The leak on the 2006. FA cup final in -- he's won nine major on this and -- did. It's a -- detail storied football late morning and brains.

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