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Current Video:Arsenal v Stoke City Premier League Highlights 02/02/13|

Could Arsenal cope with Stoke City's physicality when the Gunners play host to the Potters on Saturday?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Second win in six regular games Brooksville has slipped over the form goes -- form point hopefully that's is that. All the qualities that won't go to the emirates stadium this season than any other perennially Graham -- for a long time is that we wouldn't it won't be outlines all close. Once -- clearly don't. Still had consecutive listed them instantly came to -- -- -- they've actually got going towards the end of the first half. If I get a split between the two accidents and tonight Alex oaxley Saban at the plate today details that suited to with a little bit last night and it's. It's -- megabytes 22 plays that balked once played for half was Boldin started. And excitement and didn't get quite a progressive bank and saved since before the right. Definitely -- it was a long term future after the signing this week. And Jack Brooklyn's about it in Sydney. Jankovic who's keeping the courses on tour and Syria. Conceded fifteen goals in the last point games this to twenty in the previous nineteen matches. This occasion that that was standing up against the bills and suddenly they have beaten away from -- since 98 team won't. News -- -- -- informative visit Mexico finally arrived. At Lucas but don't stay catapulted ahead deflection here. Both Geoff Cameron routes that we -- people won't put it. That's basically as if we don't have big disallowed. -- put those who have -- player of the excellent positioning wasn't interfering -- play some reference to -- rightly stated. -- and -- That's what influence relief around the emirates. But -- guys like that and it could agree to go seventy council also all -- second most of the team. Went to the bench for the first time and it's not like this season. It's just like that so they could itching to get it expects to start now without a but he did win in six games because that's we've within a point. Hope it's hopeful. This week late rally from the business this is not -- also won't succeed him.

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