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Current Video:Beckham-less PSG extend Ligue 1 lead|

The FOX Soccer News crew discuss Paris Saint-Germain's lead in Ligue 1 and the new 5-year deal with Emirates Airlines.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you meant by not watching fox soccer news last night. -- -- extend their winning streak in league announced -- eight games and twelve overall not bad at all also dominated to lose we had eight straight times. So what does winning history enough free points -- -- the table on it from in his second of what -- points on mosque site rounds and it's not right you won't have any day. Inside the top ten that night. The one -- now little outside the top ten and eleven from thirty points what twelfth and knocks people occupied before them. We're in an offense that these fixtures and more and -- host Ryan at the end of the one to Wear a white game via Bastia for the with the movements on the top -- they play Valencia and breast look at golf against -- will -- -- beat his wife wants us all will be in tough against the nets again. On Sundays loss latex on nonsense woman and I will host that's coming -- with the -- got -- he has -- -- -- -- project field. One backs and his teammates would put him on late. -- backs right now you know back in name only signed a five month deal with the big spending for reasons but emirates airlines not the perfect opportunity. To secure a new five year sponsorship deal. For the Sharks. More fly emirates and on their uniforms. Since 2006 -- UEFA financial fair play rules at magnified and the clubs to raise big money through these commercial deals. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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