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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that the injury to Kieran Gibbs played a big part in recruiting Spanish left back Nacho Monreal.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll still wanted to Olsen Mbenga has admitted that the injury to Kieran Gibbs played -- they taught in the friend's been recruiting Spanish left but not -- on -- out. It picked up the thigh injury and arsenal's 22 draw with Liverpool Wednesday and is expected to be out for up to two months. That thing get believes that -- Rleal whose ball from Malaga that -- around ten million -- who fit straight in the hostile set itself. Almost. Coach soon. -- for the photo to progress for -- iron and a course we have the real reason keeps injury. Who's been -- and expect to do you expect it to two to treat me to -- before 26. And you're going to put you really have to make a quick decision and but to explain so by the book you residents back but he can play as well the left side to me she's the and would put him as what it was and we've beat he became the integrate. Almost kind of play. And -- very quickly to not. -- characteristics. That. Who. Took video game because there are more buys into this which if true two very good in combination play. And t.'s of course by -- is tied into. You know it's kind of good. Also hoping this isn't attain is -- the emirates with fifty -- being schooled at their home ground and anger safeties have to do with how his team is performing. As long as they can get rid of the -- at the back. And even against teams like to go poorly you've put it continues. China and seas two to school. -- -- did beat to the Syrian side. Off -- team -- told but -- oval reproduce scored that you could go to them we just don't take enough advantage of it because against -- -- When you look at the numbers the shots on goal in the penetration and in penalty areas. Put session. But -- don't munition precision and you should come on Christmas -- points. -- just to keep going reached the quarter tune into. Dipped. We know besides go to -- game. They'll still also to confirm the monorail will be available for selection and kids feature in Saturday's Premier League game against stuck.

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