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Current Video:Beckham joins PSG|

FOX Soccer News analyzes Beckham's decision to join French club Paris Saint-Germain.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss by not watching fox soccer news last night David Beckham has a new club that's Paris and German. He's 37 year old former LA Galaxy captain and England captain of course joined PSG. After turning down several other offers second son justified -- field and has pledged to donate his entire salary to Paris children's charity affects. Was present at the clock difference after passing his medical on Thursday -- GR challenging for their first French frowns on 304. And again that's the chance to win a league title in the fourth country if you will face Valencia in the champions league knockout stages. Next month. To -- -- -- the city always has been and always will be about. Now there is a club face is gonna have a lot of success over the next. 101520. Years. I'm not saying you know going to be playing Nintendo things when he has. For now. City hall of something. He's grown -- it's something that is very exciting to me I don't expect to stop. This I have to work for nothing if I were called and is down so I generally you know I don't want to massively expensive place in the -- the Stockton and Evans have to work for that. As I said. I'm not only be side -- about to sign a contract to the end of the season. I'll buy it. I consider myself to leave politics this club. In the future and helping this club to grow in helping. Different actually to grow and hopes of helping this club to become one of the biggest powerhouses in informal. Throughout this this time now. However receive any salary and we've decided my summary will go who is. For. The children's charity and local children's charity and in Paris. And that's one of the things that we. Very excited impressed. To be able to do. More famous now for his work off the pitch -- on it but he's had a storied careers -- of course those ten years in Manchester United scored 62 goals and 265 appearances not to mention. -- -- six from a league titles two FA cups the champions league in 99 and one Intercontinental cup and of course he made that big move. And 2003 to join Real Madrid for 35 million euros in four seasons only won just two -- silverware. Then Beckham change Major League soccer. Mean we've joined the LA Galaxy 2007. Interrupted by injury isn't too long since they -- Milan played six seasons with the Galaxy helped the franchise Q back to back a couple of stops. In this final seasons and what they do for fiesta decides -- twelve Beckham joined the French league leaders who are undefeated. Their last seven league matches of the favorites to dispose of Valencia in the elimination round. So Beckham -- of other notables that he has -- recently 140. Million years he spent just in the summer they've brought in of course luck in this. Yeah Silva they've added -- more articulate Betsy -- that I say -- Vanderbilt everybody except Benedict yeah. Has been asked or linked with PST it seems this move considerate. Should surprise us when you surprised to see that affects now has gone to Paris I'm not a person I'm not surprised at all because. I always was going to be monocle -- Basically because of the proximity to be young family in the on the -- have a base now. I think he works both ways because as set he can train and get back to London easily. Or so -- victorious fashion line of fashion industry in Paris she can get back hopeful. As well but we'll see but I respect his his post I threw him off knowing that you look TO Christina AC Milan was a bonus backed up. And she looks equally remarkable gentlemen and -- table fault of the locker room back in the AC Milan so. You have to think that there was more into this and and she -- hit a big deal bit. -- had a big deal of it as well. And I think this is going to be a big trip that good fit sort you mentioned posthumous all the other things but I mean what impact is it gonna have on the pits for a team that's Jason win the and fighting for a long run in the -- easily I don't think he's going to be a soft so -- this -- at that musket right league one is an athletic quick. Physically. And that's what really prefer TV -- I don't know him but I think he's going to be great in the locker room -- with a team full of kind of superstars going for the champions league they're looking to go far into the champions league. I as a citizen F lately I don't think he's going to have to face -- Never had to face -- that's the good thing about but he's never had the -- you see it's really young and grownups and through nine years old and about the face. As usual he's very technical about princess and technical. You said he's a guy that people could look up to in the locker room. He's a -- that will influence them in chasing these champions league -- only a five month DOC ready for the -- all over again this is his last deal I I hope so you know I hope he he kind of ties up off the this and he says look this is it for me now concentrate and it was stuff I know BFA in -- want him suits have been like a major by had confident so I think you'll be good for English football will he's now based in England. That he has a high up job with the F play in the English national team. Join us at fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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