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I'm 25 of the body's Premier League continues on Sunday as west rob thanks tell them. The bodies that go to fight games without the way to the bank -- -- that -- been on Wednesday. Positive but we'll check on the fitness of striker -- that's unfortunate night but it could be without George scored after the midfielder distracted off in that game. So the -- and that's the example set by thoughts. You sit not a big is back in contention for the present. You see. Thought animated at games and -- with the -- acknowledge what worries me this says it's -- without the wind. And arguably at seventeen points dropped back. To thank the fact remains the only -- lost on Davis posted -- Tonight -- -- of the African Cup of Nations. Maybe gassed his bit to get having recovered from a -- injury that you miss cable and -- drive remained on defense. I'm 25 continue to believe -- Manchester City and visible. The champions lost ground in defense of that title and they went over the school this to a bunch of yeah on cheese steak we'll service in nineteen has the baggage besides lack of goals but despite dad's night out Barry about a -- didn't. Stevenson company remains in doubt that Sunday's match play guy out there right is still on the -- that's -- GT. The nation's. Of course it's also on Wednesday night thing Liverpool's tied for the top -- finish but haven't suffered a humiliating take a backseat say that if doubts remain at the right distance it. Plus Brendan Rodgers could have decided that he kicking out at the idea that his arrival from -- and that. But the -- would again be on strike parried Luis Suarez and Daniels they're -- if that -- -- sizes.

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