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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 2550 Bobby's draft and he -- up on Saturday lunchtime is ultimately thankful we just offering its right now. -- -- Rangers made it bowl games and they by holding champions Manchester City to a goalless tool but it swings that it needed it beyond that to beat him. Are people point to say it boss Harry Redknapp was typically busy in the traps that we conduct. Alongside their acquisitions that could irritant that it's again you short right critics. But they'll have to be without Brian Nelson to music -- the Patriots final game of the -- it's on she's back to for the managerial -- that. Torch arrived in the capital on the back to the dreadful run Wednesday's draw which says stop routes but things that it -- it -- you just need. Points from them -- We didn't take on that I struck the south outfit crucial relegation clash. The last expertise that stunning comeback to salvage a point it's psychology today but this -- that it's. It's still just want to win in eleven for a bit of confidence tonight. The -- policies sweating on the fitness -- Iverson voiced. Strange for Penn State -- plus it's been invented that the about rapids missed the remainder of the season with a knee injury. British Canada is also unavailable are -- referring -- is. Southampton said -- best best defeat in seven games that I would be fighting -- Manchester -- don't quite expect. That result means they've buster it's yet Argentine has it still went it's best -- Yeah I just tried to resist the opportunity to thank god part of the -- it's that he stands by tonight if that's the parents. I don't know and honestly -- we pretend that this is at least. Not that I'm -- they've always been out with knee injuries. Saturday night gave us a break multi platform a place I came -- the united. Big trip to western am on Wednesday was just the second inning games -- -- the -- there upside. -- -- Emanuel free fall in contention for it -- ideas and capitulated midfield by another lady. -- spot you yelled -- FA and ideals of the AC Milan. Apparently just that he's poised -- didn't have -- injury. Manchester United reestablished a seven point lead the subject today and south. Wednesday episode played well but they just -- unexpected side you have a chance at ten players felt. If that's achieved that they'll have to do without actually just had Joni Evans -- -- remains sidelined him injury. But Javier Hernandez he's pushing for -- Scott's Cummings scored twice in the whole World Cup victory thanks for them. Their fight games elsewhere on Saturday facing possible -- -- in the emirates. -- -- that we looked about to -- this place where they need to do it. You castles French revolution will be looked at best -- Chelsea. -- played as Sunderland and west after taste that.

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