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Current Video:Stoke City hoping to seal Shea deal|

Find out how close FC Dallas' Brek Shea is to moving to the Britannia Stadium.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fascinating middle of tight set omni -- it -- the seeds. Of the Birmingham City guilty that Jack Butler and we told you about half an hour ago dislike of nets labeled. Officially formally. Bigs just under four million pounds. About since Stoke City play is going to Birmingham as part of the deal on loan and another one of those players is raw and shots and so well and insisting developed his shot has been an important also the star cities walled in recent times especially with his -- utility player it's tackles off of him. So I away it's possible that shot and another stuck city collected big going on lends a Birmingham. Wall left and returned studs get Jack Buckland. As honest articles I thought of the discussions may well play that Jack a hundred -- to Birmingham was a -- still that remains a load of Birmingham for the rest of the season. That would seem to fix because but animals -- playing finesse team full -- and has made that image is still here it stuck. Is it possible to bag which would leave for Manchester United in the summer and has been widely touted if he does. And it out already -- replacement in both -- -- -- seems to make sense but it's a sensitive negotiation. That's taking place right now between stuck. And Birmingham City to keep it personal the seals gospels news is that on develops throughout the -- but interestingly Peter Crouch has now left the training ground where is he heading. Is he heading home to stomach it but they were heading down to see is all my heart -- -- queens park Rangers seven Harry Redknapp has since the last sentence because he would like Saudi -- bought Sonny -- it for pat selects crowns go if the money is -- And we've also had just -- run shot late as well such an interesting -- on -- Q this is just left the training ground as well with a couple of agents in the back of the golf. He's been wiped her out off an hour now everybody around is on the double guess what he might be Joey we know the work I'm here. Caring for Brett Shiite down at Wembley this afternoon I don't know what a few this is -- cost of that. The -- it is it wouldn't emphasize just how important stuck Villa would've been hearing is they wanna make sure guys throw. Bill can you Tyson appeared to come back to the trading -- things on the main man in a transfer saga is not TF but we don't exactly know where he's got.

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