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Hear what QPR boss Harry Redknapp has to say about the signing of former Anzhi Makhachkala defender Christopher Samba.


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They would be transfer deadline day without Harry -- of course the are keeping -- all sports was not yet I would just put up in the off this right today. You to execute yeah fantastic. Pats have been nice and so I think you know couple weeks -- and certainly get a wishes do. Send out to replays run knows who would you go for me to dry out there -- the -- you know I didn't run that took let me stop there. Starting to get more fit than Jamison is what you say well. -- could really get anything it was. Fighting game all the kid did you feel completely he did the whole deal themselves. Entangled affect you know when -- Although I think get involved until. It's just suddenly you just can't stand -- let him you guys anyway so what you manned -- Couldn't believe it. And he managed to get involved in training I think that he did -- coming DT to do with today's evidence and -- and then me trying to. That's what about him signing that you -- and again. Probably they -- -- out and I'm ready for anything less than his wanted to bits and pieces going on the Edwards -- He pats I don't know I got out. Think that's gonna happen you know could tell he was okay in his. If people like I would like to go back to back here you know -- He still. -- start so -- as a -- and they released him because if you feel honestly my -- He's I mean he's got a -- I would love to -- scratching back to Q. It was nobody was possible. And how about some of the other excellent employees -- innings with the likes of team understands and well and even. Would that solos. Vick submit your own belly you know so it's. But I've got out. Is still plus of one of who you might have a good one to me you know against -- She'll really I mean did. Days. You know what we've we've got to do we tell them on the wages did give -- -- -- -- he's everything so it's a good deal for both clubs really gives him. Saves in the white tees would avoid these next playing time that he could summarize those tens in your life very much -- young Glavine will be -- Jeff. So we'll have to wait and -- Yeah they started to tell yet so to. And -- if if it throughout a long time and don't you know we do we receive one or two options that we have -- -- to -- I'll let you -- -- I don't question is that it's like I'm looked at this constantly and it crazy. How is today even if it means maybe you expected to. I think what I've just been training revenues come back in this. Or something like today you know we had one of 2000 drugs again. It really excited that he -- two hours on the side it was a fantastic and I. But some new people involved and everybody was putting different directions it was just an -- actually -- myself so it was a old yankees would -- me if it was a big deal that would try to stop until probably. It's. I thank you know.