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Current Video:Winter Transfer Update: Butland signs for Stoke City|

Get the latest details surrouding Jack Butland's move from Birmingham City to Stoke as well as Brek Shea's current transfer status.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello again. Excitement time's ticking down toward -- 11 PM deadline I'm. A certain David Beckham is stealing the headlines he's in the French capital having a medical right now. Ahead of the moved to Paris -- -- not. We understand all being well he will be presented to the media at oracle and we will bring you that news conference life. Right hill on sky sports news HD on now to Stoke City. On some breaking news. Coming right up we can go straight to rob dorsett and have a deadline day deal done that -- -- can you tell us. But do have a deadline day -- dollars and it's a big one as well can confirm exclusively that's that set Stoke City -- now completes the deal with Birmingham -- It's a sign that much once you don't keep that Jack boat loans. It's been long in the making this long that we've only heard about in the last a couple of days also. But as -- -- on the discussions -- -- -- between it's eclipsed the several days now to the point where Jack Butler and that's -- had a medical yes that night. I -- class not medical it was old and very very secretive late. And on my sources are telling me doesn't officially from the club here it's -- or indeed a Birmingham City yet but it's a dale with just under five million pounds on sold it's a straight cash steal. There is no. Plan from start sixty going in the opposite direction to Birmingham but crucially from -- Birmingham despite that it does involve a lung back for the rest of the season. A Jack -- has signed for -- six seats. But it's fully expect that he will be loaned back a Birmingham for the remainder of this season as far as stoke -- concern I think it would be very advantageous for Jack Butler and to continue -- that the Renault of gangs and he's having and couldn't necessarily Daryn see him not Palin has an advantage in such -- -- so it's part of the stud deal. That -- that -- guys back suburbia and plays continues to plague the Birmingham for the rest of the season. And unable reassessed the situation in the sum -- it's also possible that a negative thoughts a further along -- next season Bobble by no stuck is that they've got a young goalkeeper with huge huge talents. He's been much coveted by about Premier League clubs for Amanda Butler and send down the chance say Wetzel say Chelsea earlier this week after it's. They had that agreed a deal for any want to enjoy would have a thirsting -- -- -- -- -- is a massive news coming out -- I've. I have now agreed a deal to saw Jack Butler in the -- city -- people. Big news there was stunned city road. What about the interest in Brett -- what whereas the -- now. Well it caught explains why results indicate his lead to try to -- -- smile on his bicycle about the Galaxy knew that -- -- day it was in the count he's now heading down so Wembley. Struck a work permit -- Fulbright shag for shares trained with -- this morning. But so you can see guys think she's now it's not clear that he's worked on it will be played very easily he hasn't played enough games. Competitive Deng's for the US -- led to believe they can cubicle not little and that's why it's any -- has gone down so this tunnel at Wembley. -- make a decision about whether he can get up work -- stuck a pretty confidence. But at the wallets of hurdles to get over with that yet but the big breaking news right now -- city -- Jack -- and -- with just under five million pounds he will be -- bouts of Emmy for the rest of the season. Well those of us does he strain on thank you very much from stuck. Let's go to a team who has been very very busy indeed in this transfer window I'm on deadline day and it is cute PR. The confirmation that one man who has signed is Christopher -- from Russian cup and G Mac cuts come lost -- has signed a four and hockey contract. For a fee believed to be between ten and twelve million pounds -- understandably delighted. With the most. It's. This division -- Does the votes of Christopher samba queens park Rangers plan Christmas I'm -- will he be joined. Buy pizza I didn't windy now. These -- shots we've just got in the -- outlaw. Of -- when you have the whole point is he saying goodbye something tells me that could yet be another twist in what is turning into a real solid half. We know the -- when he wants to join QB off. I'm -- off still want him not long but now to get this deal sorted. I'm sure we haven't -- also -- try to bring you in this window on this deadline day. For all the key beyond let's go to Sunderland and they have got that not have a night David Craig is our mound. I'm confident David what can you tell us. What I can tell you domination is that of course study Graham is a solid plan now he signed a three and a half did dale. It's a little tight Swansea city five million pounds 37 series. This is what he's had to say about he's big and they move back to little faced. Lose and think this is known diseases but in an -- citizen must have so it was always hope so. Adams and a new dentist and soon and then you know wanted to Smith did Koppen and it's been the kind of focal groups known them since then found its -- them. Now we know that has been a great deal of interest for -- from all sorts of clubs and -- you can't speak to them but -- to the I nobody including new council what -- -- -- some blood. I'm Steve says the manager that the size and the -- been in the in the direction of the -- ago. Was the most effective for me so you know once us -- among them there's a new pesos Carmen Narveson until both of. Every other Phillips all but done a good -- at -- he's now some look at the last five million pounds it's Colston and he signed a three and a half did dale down match.

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