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Current Video:Recap: Liverpool lets lead slip away|

Come see the FOX Soccer News crew as they discuss today's match between Arsenal and Liverpool.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Let's kick things off now we start at the emirates with the gunners were looking to pull off the league double over Liverpool after watching -- dispose of the -- -- in the FA cup for the weekend. Think I had to be feeling pretty confident even though Arsenal have only pulled off a win once in the last four from a league outings. With a win Liverpool. Can move level with -- -- on the table but getting a road win certainly would be tough. Fifth minute -- send him stumbles Glen Johnson crossed for things to rest he's denied but the long ball will eventually come back until Luis Suarez. Who finishes like Suarez always does find the back of the net it's one -- Liverpool and stuff for the visit. Six minute Jack Wilson hoping for a quick response great ball the field -- got black Pepe -- denying the 100000 pound a week meant. Eighteen minutes on -- from -- shot is blocked. While Todd gets a loose ball but that Iran and makes a diving save just enough on it that turned aside 27 minute -- with a corner Daniel tiger's header. Cleared off the line by Lucas -- Goldstein doesn't matter who it is as long as they cleared off the lines as the only German in the year 44 minute Jordan Henderson. Scott says we had a position but -- chip shot is just over the bar unlucky. For the northeast -- sixtieth Anderson. They will take full advantage and he does it brilliantly takes on a couple of defenders -- the space and NBC -- me. What an individual effort that is determination. And the score line Arsenal -- Liverpool to 65 minute closer delivers a free kick -- Giroux is better athletes that they ran so there's no we've got a game. Parcells cut the lead pass. Under three minutes later it's Giroux had a -- as first that's basket wall got a walk not delivers like England international slide into home what was completely. It's 22 we got a game seventieth minute Paul got let fly from distance. Just wanted to post that. Final minute of injury to. -- Works in the area but Chesney. Just gets a piece of the shot to turn it aside Liverpool but managed just one win in the last thirteen -- Arsenal. It ends and 22 draw as far as though now has seventeen from the Eagles season this one last in the army he. It's only the tenth time political player. Has reached that mark single primary season after the match -- finger doesn't drive home was not an ideal. -- you quest for champions league spot at this stage of the season is appointed I'm good enough. No but. But which inducted into the season. I feel. The team is making him making good progress we've -- disappointed that we can because it was a it was a trophy that we target chip and I'm -- would get -- action tonight because. The players that are there honestly you know they always wanted to do what room and they know that we don't keep improving and tonight as this of those. They're really difficult game to in the schools local news -- some of the the overall group you're stunned. TI and others to things you hate more than anything traffic and cliches are cliches but I got to use one here because this was a game of two halves more than I've ever seen. It it certainly was you know I mean Liverpool closed out their possession style game and then also which is an incredible stat -- -- Dolan used very often. Thirteen goals -- errors this year for Arsenal more than any team in the BP L a in the first half penalty in the second half we had scored the second goal. You clearly see that and there's a lot of people at fault for individually defending and -- group defending -- from Marlon Byrd to sacker of leaders just been. -- Eagles comedy of errors that just leads to these goals again he's very clearly good numbers around the ball. Initially evolving play that works best -- allowed to turn and face and fight Anderson again people not tracking and through some luck and through traffic Henderson gets the rebound and is able to -- Liverpool to nothing on the road it's the sixtieth minute to go. Mean how is our -- response Arsenal fans look at that last play and say through the liabilities so what Anderson got through the through murders second through Andre Santos. Haven't Arsenal turnaround and in the second half. Well they came out more aggressive and also speed of play Potomac speed of play -- ball circulation so much higher in the first -- which means. Liverpool could not double -- more out wide along the great players like you have been to set pieces with the ancient will -- Pulling the strings in midfield he became the Arsenal full. Good combination plate and a walker scored the second goal and what's important is game four for our -- it's a just result but. Good response after a poor first half. By the gunners. Fair points at Cameron's right around the disappointment that they were in the win after being -- the FA cup but -- wasn't meant to be. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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