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Check out all of Tuesday's Premier League action.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah Browns 24 at the Barclays Premier League kicked -- on Tuesday and so you also beat Aston Villa in a vital relegation clash. The ten days off the green you signings but it was a January arrival of a year ago that opened the scoring has -- BC say I think clinical finish today it's it was this just opens -- just. Good not great -- to -- and he thought even once but I'm outside a little bump off Alex -- and combined with an anonymous comment to make it to him. Allowed a run that turned your top time of one of those guys be above normal and the penalty when he went so that's not. That could give and take -- make it three goals in the here it is by the striking the ball hit the Cubs. Share of the spoils that second half at -- But you've also -- we're up that's the way would that have played as him full bowl of that kind of saved the best that I've had transpired and let up and -- seven were about to witness that finish has that been a while. You -- third. Call them up here beyond health conscious -- to a -- and I love this roads dialed night. The champions dominated the bus stop and only -- -- -- not -- problem that I left up for giving them believe. Greg just loyalty creativity glad -- -- opportunities that he and they were destined to go up and -- -- off preserving what could we have precious points. It's -- -- -- -- -- still left ten with just seven minutes of life -- -- -- that -- put it on the latest in -- We -- staged a stunning second half comeback to salvage a point that stroke. The host of the they don't. 23 minutes dreadful last six defending -- short cross the counts that scores first goal and nearly did. It would studio just off -- break and seemingly guys robust as Joey got a was allowed to run half the length of the with Nadia picks big poster thing. What -- don't have the skill speed at crown with that event for the sixth time this season. But ninety seconds like so what you'll look back in the contest a lovely finish of Jennings but also reducing that deficit it was pretty much -- less meaningful time. I'm incredibly just -- the Allah it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some militants want to shed the points and games short of excitement. This one's probably a good stick and having already had a penalties and away the way -- of -- bring that -- status even in the night. Some of them -- it looked like -- -- -- -- -- that all six of them were fortunate to respect from the point at the end of this thing. I wasted a great job the way that it's not so good -- and ended at the stadium.

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