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Get the latest transfer news from around the Barclays Premier League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So stimulus continues from -- spot bridges coming out very shortly let's try and all the rest all the transfer our news with just. Two days four hours 49 minutes to go before they're window closes on Thursday night -- how made a formal -- to black schools excellent home in this. We did so while one source of our offer walls withdrawn after Blackpool refused to sell that -- -- Believe that bids remains under consideration. Whether it is golf they complain number ten position no -- on the -- left fantastic for -- unknown reason. He loves his -- school because school going to -- create goals. And done you know he's got a real hungry. I was at the same thing you know he's a guy who plans and wouldn't normally talk about. But it doesn't belong to us. Iverson no guns LeRoy -- is closing and all of a move that discussing coastal towns have been a medical up the club a deal worth more than eight and a half million tons -- been agreed with -- -- -- Well he's a really good player of the but what a tough decision hope he's not saying yet what he's only days. Policies medical so there is a bit to go before. Who can self control minister Anderson. They almost saw it Rome ever send it to the Liverpool -- and just waiting for this field -- School so fully pay continue blanket Grissom he was Liverpool's training runs ahead of his proposed move -- -- -- -- -- a lot of we've been telling you for the last few days that it deal is close. How -- -- waiting for confirmation on this on the continue -- the club's training guard Liverpool always maintaining they will only say -- official when it sold on the unsigned and seals. But he has been the club's training drugs today. Now we'll go from Liverpool who Chelsea. I'm -- sources told us that so they they've inquiry over the Birmingham goalkeeper Jack Falklands. No formal deal how has been made thought Lin was in the a good score of the European championships. Last summer the expectation is Birmingham anticipates -- a number of bids for -- in the final few days -- this transfer window. Chelsea's college -- was tossed the Bucs general transfer targets. -- -- I don't think so but my -- pace to improve I would Esquire thing to monitor this situation that we -- a half. And plays institutional to have precision I'm really please say it but some -- so. That would be a transfer over and over that sort of doubted -- -- also say that Barcelona are not willing to sell via this month so no talks have taken place between. The two clubs. It doesn't go away but bustling -- doesn't want to sit doubted he'd ever -- and it made it very very. Given up man. Sure there -- you restricted decidedly failure. Say that somebody's got tree trunks and you expect a lot of ups not to try to find. Is that part of the problem and genuine that is very difficult to get the targets that you want the best plans. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From all -- -- to west for all of the future all -- or older and we need his transfer request walls rejected formal offer us. From QPLO have been reject seats to the -- maintain. That fabled -- and waiting to stay in not show us. -- but ranges of -- to visit the -- the cult of looked government on them don't feel Linda this time in this window. Did the birds really acceptable for us. The ball Vikings QBO score they had -- -- to say but they want to make another bit. To stoke on it until a deal which (%expletive) -- stole away in this -- and nobody is very much back home and it's close so close to -- -- -- from MLS he's been the club's training ground for a -- -- assessments -- plenty of paperwork with this one it could well. Go down to deadline day -- -- the SPO at Celtic. Gary -- remains up the club was just a few days ago. So the monitor on -- to watch sports says that Cooper is a massive talents. But was never mentioned to talk about us they had an off -- -- Celtic how projecting to offer as -- Norwich this month. Talking Larry's been -- most of those concerts in the east. -- and penalties this uniform. Since he's walked into the flow so you know let's album will lead to ten days ago. We've gone from lots and vote on reiterated again I don't sound -- his mom's home. And then I think you need at least influence from what it was here. Leon Blum. Will include the best of them into separate this from Colton. There's more news. Money -- sort of place in peoples who will mean the tradition. In on the public -- of. They have a say in this film developed developments on the on the -- needs a jolt you Russell later on this evening but butt kicked in the premier make. I'm just bring up to speed and a couple of deals and departures are expect Q feel -- pulses joined bill -- all moment in till the ends all of the season. And I'm -- third nuns will not be playing at the rest all of this season and circuit. He has completed his move to purchase for all lol -- you start not at Istanbul airports. Before he agreed those personal terms he is not a state America. Until the ends off the season so plenty of big deals on their discussion but it's not over for about 11 PM deadline on Thursday night's nearly eighteen million pounds has been spent by primarily clubs. Well off reporters are on the contrary bringing you the latest transfer news.

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