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Current Video:Grant Wahl on Brek Shea's future|

Goals on Sunday, Rob Stone, chats with Grant Wahl, as they discuss the latest soccer news.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome in senior Sports Illustrated writer fox soccer contributor grant wall right now grant at this time last week it seemed at FC Dallas. American mature approach it was on his way to play in the primarily with Stoke City. What happens. Well this one's pretty simple Robin LS headquarters stepped in and block than news even though -- and Dallas had agreed in principle on a -- A source of MLS tells me that the league felt like if he was too low and a low ball offer and feel like they can get more for Shea. So they stepped in this is how the league works. And it's kind of an only an MLS type -- deal that we've seen examples in the past where. American players who were entertaining and important perhaps the future of the league. MLS feels like these guys have a bigger value in the league that they may on the open international market. So this is walking a fine line here by MLS they don't wanna feel like. The preventing players from moving up to a higher league that can hurt them signing other players in the future. But they wanna get full value for the player and Rex ray's case they think he's worth five or six million dollars. It's possible this could just be negotiating tactic in -- what outfits did the next few days. I think it's more likely that she will not needed in this transfer window may go this summer. Let's stay in unless you -- USA when they made their league debut in 2005 and made it clear they're gonna play. They achieve cost way just like their sister club in Guadalajara now ownership saying they're gonna radically change. The nationality makeup of their roster what's from the reaction. Well it's an interesting story here because. A lot of people are wondering is this even legal they've announced they're going back to this very kind of Mexican Mexican American -- to their brand. We've already seen kind of a fire sale starting to take place it would rocket getting traded to Colorado for -- it out a lot. Casey Townsend got traded to DC united for a second round pick. Also very likely to showery Joseph and Dan Kennedy to their best players. Are going to -- so what are they doing here is the question and is MLS in a position to -- even intervene and not approve these trade I was told by and how last. This is an example if they don't really like intervening at all in trade in the internal part of the league between teams side. Continue to see -- improving these deals from a legal perspective there's a question on whether. This violates article seven in 1964 Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination on employment in terms of race or national origin. Right now that it didn't seem like that's going to come into play unless we see players being cut completely because you could argue that. These players they're trading away our not losing their jobs as soccer players. Interesting moves on a lot of fronts African Cup of Nations under way right now in South Africa high expectations. Again very Ivory Coast. Yet -- -- it is under way and once again Ivory Coast has the most talented team in the turning got my Didier Drogba yeah I -- to -- after being you know. And yet this is I've really disappointing team over the years in the African Cup of Nations is golden generation has not won an African half. In four tries I talked to sound and pollute the former Chelsea player the other day. He said this team has learned a lot the last few failures and that it's not about who's the best team it's about the team that defends the best has the best chemistry. But Colin who actually told me he said let. We feel like this is the turn and we have to win this is probably the last African Nations Cup -- this entire generation will be playing together. So far so good they've won the first two games against Togo Tunisia being an average -- reports on Didier Drogba may be on his way to balance just -- also. Talk that and the last -- very strong push to acquire him finally US head coach Juergen Klinsmann. Eskimo with a very clever way to beat the notorious Southern California traffic hasn't he -- we've -- been stuck in Los Angeles traffic before in Klinsmann has found a novel way to get around it by earning his helicopter pilots license. In fact during this January US can't -- -- has often been going home to Orange County at night. Flying -- helicopter back up to LA in the morning that he can eat breakfast with the team grind out an entire day we have. The US roster. -- this allows him to see his family back home in Orange County also allows him to get hours. As a pilot which he needs to develop over time I think it kind of a Boller moved. It's the kind of thing you can do when you make 2.5 million dollars a year in the US national team coach also known as the kind of thing you and I can't. Grant Catholic always enjoyed if -- see him on Wednesday correct figure.

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