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Current Video:Preview of Wednesday's Premier League matches|

Come see FOX Soccer News, as they take a look at Wednesday's Premier League action.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you meant by not watching fox soccer news last night week full of -- action -- have a look at Tuesday's match ups. Here's a look the first match -- these two teams who are on the heels of the drop zone Villa gets -- desolate. -- fox soccer starting at 2:30 PM eastern 11:30 AM Pacific time we'll be QB our face man city. Still play host the weekend you can see that on fox soccer plus 2:38. PM eastern. We kick off time there about Cubs on Wednesday it's exciting -- when you've got a little pool and catch -- of fox soccer starting at 2 o'clock. Its first Davis Carroll wrote that they've -- -- Manchester United look to extend their lead atop the standings they face up -- in the last Maceda NBC and fox soccer plus. -- 2:53 PM eastern it's Chelsea get ready. So this is out of prevalent standings look heading into the is midweek action Manchester United on stop sitting on 56 points for the champions they've got that gap. To just five points down -- rounding out the top five for 38 points. Fulham is he down there fourteenth won't be happy without -- point five points big boys Newcastle and Villa fairly safe right. -- Wigan and QB are occupy that dreaded drop them. And despite being knocked out of the league cup and the FA cup last week as a -- manager Paul Lambert he still likes his chances against Newcastle on Tuesday. Yeah I don't know and so I do believe I assume that you begin and I think through one and enough said before us and it doesn't look teams and and in their own dogs they'll be thinking is actually in well over the facility Cust who will. Can go and by then and be content enough that's for you grew up. Paul and -- quite positive that he had two desperate teams that really really need points the differences between these two desperate franchises it's fair to say that. -- done something about it they went out and bought a lot of players really rejuvenate things we now call them the shot total group instead of Newcastle -- what do you think about this matchup the first test with a pretty new roster. He had a -- they had to do something as you said it you could see probably is up to four new players and aside. It's a bit on usually at this point in the season to bring in this many new players but he had to do something yet keep. Key injuries is a lot of key players come by. And -- off of that really affected him and then they went a -- -- -- was responsible for. 80% of their goals. And so they were -- had to make some moves it's a lot of players. It seems out of parties on France and -- we -- league all their players and you've got all the names for the summit had to be done. And and so we'll see how -- down. You and I -- stoke a lot for the defensive prowess this year and their record stood up for such a long time but all of a sudden stoker vulnerable and we think event is up. Soaker saddled himself and -- should I take advantage of that and it the date or beaten to them in the last seven games and that they'll take confidence. Against stoke -- strong side at home but certainly. They're nowhere near the defensive prowess so at the beginning of the season they've lost their way and it's arrested weaken -- travel -- -- and smoltz first team players sat out the win. Against -- of the weekend -- was -- defensive decline really it's it's it's almost inexplicable. Tony -- size thirteen goals -- conceded in forty matches. That's that's unbelievable when you consider the numbers at the beginning of the year and they were really -- measuring stick with the -- he. But -- like I said they're tough at home with -- certainly we'll take confidence in the fact that it's a sliding still side immediately with a point. Mean that's -- got some defensive concerns of himself -- they were expecting events and company out. They got cute PR can we expect the dramatics of the final day last season I'm thinking now. They somebody it's just been at matchups and and in scenarios is right now it's QPR the drama of the last defeat we've been well documented he conceded four goals. But also there's a big problem -- -- right now to center of defense and it could just be truly messed up I was the one lone -- -- that's healthy. -- -- call and that's a big problem in the stats he gets out -- -- -- of Torre's a great African Cup of Nations this could be a real prime minister of defense and is obviously music. To Harry -- -- -- premiums was on fire with his new club -- since -- fitted in nicely. Right off the bat and adults around you know they'll be encouraged to run. At this makeshift back line from for four Nancy so it's really insisted because Q you are so such a terrible about -- running so so far but man city with this issue in the back on this community's problem. There is gonna need to rely on some new changes that you might see Sandra we -- the -- Redknapp who knows. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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