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Aston Villa hosts fellow struggler Newcastle while six other Premier League teams square off on Tuesday.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're 24 of keep up these friendly he suffered Tuesday as often been -- face FC ninety. It's a huge match for Paul Lambert's side without that we did that last six newest team goalie request from that last day we'll separate. Cup -- of the supporters knew it was hardly -- by that elimination. Of a job. That is defenses in the big problem recently -- -- possible return of Richard does with the tight lipped -- -- -- they just. Felt bad. Also in contention for wrinkles at the -- to -- lawful right to. Chris. He castle every -- Hole right now having what just what they've had. Think they're ready summed up that third night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also had a -- of -- They're rivals. We look at yet you -- Except that safeties have signed this week. We just outrageous take on Manchester City in a much affecting five cents -- disabled. They just go into the game full points adrift of the Boston but -- Harry Redknapp will be buoyed by his side back. Think it's much -- an athlete which is that about. -- Doug -- excited and ready wasted my time I think his account with today -- golf. As it could be joined an attack by it was -- and sykora into the my injury. We're it was on the score sheet when besides the -- in the season scorn us and you go free -- But that's -- -- injury can say is. But Rivera's statements will be -- City and we've been efficient display last time out with a comfortable team to victory as the bullet. But goals were scored by Spanish they make them feel about. About seventeen he's good enough ball every -- -- -- got beat him. Left best victory -- The -- of the by the thought they would Sergio -- uneasy night for best -- in -- look. It makes his return from a hamstring injury against hostages. There until the games on Tuesday night bases that play host -- destructive Wiggins signed with the pretend stadium. Also didn't take on the cup finalists was a statement tonight.

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