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Current Video:FA Cup: Chelsea v Brentford Recap|

The FOX Soccer News crew analyzes Sunday's FA Cup match between Cheslea and Brentford.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What you meant by not watching fox soccer news last night. And Chelsea who made six mile track. To Bradford and the -- of -- -- the fifth round of the -- up on six occasions since the Second World War the fact Bradford of never got past the quarterfinals of the cup. And the greatest achievement ever was when he old second division back in the thirties. Your last competitive match between these two clubs it was in the FA cup 63 years ago completely relevant to today. Eleventh minute John Terry shot a bit -- -- inflate the ball back the rough terrible with a sports. Was lucky wasn't caution. Suffering let them go thirtieth minute Shanle and Logan passes in the middle for a four shot is left footed strike just hasn't been the way you wanted to. Just wanted to target. But nice effort from the home side -- things -- 42 minute Franklin park. -- the ball Terry Forster shots stop by -- what Martellus truck says there and he puts on the rebound his third FA cup goal. More shockingly it's one up for Bradford at halftime. 55 minute bald spots in the area for Oscar resilience shown great control force quick strike beat the keeper droppings level. Moments later actually called us and across it in the area one not to waiting there but he just doesn't get enough -- -- shot easy save for Simon ward. 72. Clean Donald with a great ball for Tom at Yankee he's tripped up in the area by -- -- they doing coming out for that. He gets a yellow for third as the wanna step up and take the penalty. And he delivered right for a shockingly in front of these fans gone bananas as they -- to one for Bradford 83 minute as he's falling. Watched the F from double body hit the ball Fernando Torres. On the shot and Torres silence of the -- for fans that's what it paid fifty million. Stoppage time Chelsea looking for the winner on -- has -- appears to be have a fire on the team. -- it was handled by. Don't call is made Bradford have been allowed to have an eighteen to draw so we'll get a read. First time since losing 31 -- Griffith -- 1998. At Chelsea have conceded two more goals in the third tier side. Despite earning -- replace veteran manager in that -- slightly disappointed that the -- didn't get the job done. To be five minutes to fold and and -- man. Eating too long. I'd be slightly disappointed to be that we that we didn't. Won the game but overall my plastic fantastic. There on the right to play some for preaching. So it would be a great day for also pulled us again for all players. And also financially and -- who has been almost. I'm pretty pleased reduction of the team in the super hot and so quality character. And much -- Bishop went to a defense team. Thought. Again it was who reported the same direction of the team. But that was worth waking -- relief -- unless of course you're Chelsea fan and will be furious -- that was all you said on Saturday show that Chelsea. Would be vulnerable and you thought Bradford had a chance but did they ever look vulnerable we -- for were great. Yeah they were and you know they deserve a lot of credit because the -- very good Chelsea players on a muddy pitch that is. To into mistakes that really uncharacteristic of these players. But any punished them wasn't just that they forced him into the points here's the first goal to put it out of back to that part of how quickly out of four circles about. Instinctively force it takes a shot I was asleep you're Ramirez on the way he was really for the -- I did well there -- -- take advantage of that. Goalkeeper one -- away you go it's no ceiling to me so much the same on the second goal actually. It's I mean all these -- -- work by at the end that's terrific work that's inspirational work that's how you beat a team. Politely called in yesterday the European champions. -- -- Put that -- as well. Chelsea's went on to score some terrific world class schools what for me on the day it's about Bradford and he gave Chelsea all the can handle the return leg. Tantalizing cross trumbull was a nervous disaster at the back is back I was not comfortable in front of him because he wasn't comfortable behind and you could just tell that and Robert Trent started in that champions league finally remember. He was awful -- -- totally looked out to lunch I don't know what it wasn't tells into the just didn't have the mindset. Maybe you just you know underestimated their opponent with the over the back. And you could tell you could also blame just that cohesion whenever one player comes in -- one player goes out you -- case of the back pass from Terry to the goalkeeper. Issues just just sisco he's -- there's not used to be together. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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