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What kind of impact would former Red Devil Dimitar Berbatov have on Saturday's affair at Old Trafford? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- It's -- Civil one so I didn't match. It's an equally slow. It's quite worried usually sleep -- news Wayne Rooney told it was -- -- team in the left all of goes -- -- proved to see Cleveland Balt plus books he. Very easy decision to play. The veteran Ryan -- stepping up. United for the sports it's for the -- and you couldn't stay here. And tickets to Broadway -- always seemed distraught from -- -- the only Q school the ability. Just need to do they shouldn't go and second penalty pool perhaps an even little. Maybe -- everything went home. It's let's all. Hit the green. Outstretched left film clearly The Who -- in order to shoot from Oakland. I have to say -- relief. Absolutely. Fantastic day. -- with the ball. And shoot but he -- it's. It's very very -- took from wing who. The ball. Good approach play. Can sleep in so many of these drills that draws to its first option Wayne Rooney football schools are real cool to me. This initiative and the ones. Who will -- to see a kid how many. He's improved to soon get facility. First off no one get close to play as good through ball from rolling peaks and any running onto it. -- put himself towards the Cubs in the fall. -- This season. Again. I didn't speed. Or. Christmas -- football. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's his team's only chance over the whole first half came through -- -- when Ruiz didn't look. Want to -- well he's been like night -- -- One. It's jones' show for 25 yards -- else. Steps onto it. Decent drive and I have. At no point. Do. You. -- Bucs played really. Wasn't to be -- donates. It's a golf. Anderson. Inside. This season. It's ninety seconds later. This time. Yeah. The previous twelve. -- with the cold. Season Hillary -- good old. He simply didn't make the. New series on the greatest soccer moments ever see. My beautiful -- coming this January.

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