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Eden Hazard escapes police charges following ball boy controversy in League Cup


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Charlie Morgan I was kicked by Andy has -- in the incident I would sparked huge the sites across the football and world. -- on Twitter as well but the teenagers in his falling down a lot from not a hundred followers to more than 90000. Let's -- right. Gary cultural visit the liberty stadium and the starry nights force one easy but it's been overshadowed unfortunate by the sending off for effect Eddie House up for kicking. That's Charlie Morgan. Was he was trying to retrieve -- the bull what's been the reaction to that incident. Let's -- -- usually is it for a ball boy -- a football guy to box like a bit of a male about six getting the bowl bucks who had a opposing player especially when there's so much at stake and it's not unusual fall. A player that's a missed losing a big important day to get frustrated. And irritated but I guess it is than usual to -- -- football release such a. High profile football -- A teenage boy. So much about some might say perhaps somebody who had done at its -- opening that it got to. Misbehave in this kind of waiting for the day and if you say -- -- -- to -- -- this quickly got up 100 home. Since last night but nevertheless it's another image of football wouldn't have won this one wouldn't want to say he was that he was quick. Hit point -- -- -- -- the -- was a pool with a multiple what was got the -- that some noise between the -- have. Parents mothers and fathers watching those scenes isn't really a part of the issue of the football world. It is -- the issue lest I forget that if the 200 got together. In the Chelsea dressing room -- incidents and agreed to make friends shake hands apologist given apology accepted. And if it had been decided by the global oil boy's parents to. Actually go forward and carry out complaint to the police said he -- on May well define yourself for the moment under police investigation hasn't come to that. Not many would say thankfully and football money just football people. Across the country of have mixed views on what happened here last night. As my because probably when I was younger. I would do exactly the same math for my thing for you -- keep the board tried to go when it maybe it cup final will be amazing. He's not that stuff mobile points between ten and twelve. So he was probably over -- was an -- -- compared. I was a big boy you know heterosexuals -- it -- So I could hopefully -- But you don't -- people so. But he was playing so well the williams' enormous. Bowl. -- we always tell our people in our coaches will go to great uncle who's eligible capable back issues. -- -- -- And don't it would take -- So it's quite comical in college showed today in the pool boy -- his desire to get his team to Wembley and how much that the club wanted it and it's. And I think you CO pianist so hopefully we've -- a solid exercise you know valuable books conference of the vote in. -- of what we consider trying to today that there was a group quite tactic of those hilarious of the -- goes through Kia comical moment I think it's an incident that. The nine million times to come. Now people laugh at that runs you know all of -- -- sites as well. I in the stunt. Where even assets coming from I think. What it fit that you can't do that of course you can't do he knows that and I think. You know -- he he's. Regretted that he when he got the wrecked -- he knew it he'd done wrong and the referee had a spot on him to send them off. You know as soon as -- had the opportunity apologize to everyone. And it was wrong of him what he did. On the other hand what we know now is the young Fella. He did that on purpose and I think. You know -- cannot happen again. Clear indications that I have to deuce taken on this incident the word Larry as we've used. But won't play we'll Swansea city certainly does -- the whole thing hilarious I'd rather it hadn't happened. They've accepted that the apologies have been made and I've accepted that they'll be no more option in the things need to move on Chelsea suddenly didn't find it hilarious another embarrassing incident putting. Then name in the news in the way that they wouldn't want to pay off to such difficult yeah of that club they say -- now though will be dealt with that intently in the Belgian. At face certainly don't find it hilarious -- obviously -- -- -- cost of the current golden generation plying his trade out of here and a premier league of Belgian descent currently an important member of the Belgian national side they'll stay out. Even though the head of the doubt their -- isn't amused -- -- issued a statement including the following words at least it was unpleasant it's unfortunate. And acts of violence. But he said the players need to control themselves out marry -- in the hopes that at Nassau was -- -- learned a lesson from this and that similar sentiments being. Spoken about today by the head of the -- in this country Gordon Taylor. First and foremost of course it was inappropriate to do that. -- got so leave it to the referee. Add to the assistant referee in and they expect him to put time on -- -- is that he loves his side to win. He dove on the ball going in as quickly as perhaps it could have done -- Joseph I lots of balls and home today and time for -- now so. You'll understand why it happened books. Referee to detectives of the appropriate action and I think there were apologists are -- -- the chose to present quite considered in the Williams it was all right. Unfortunately heavily is.