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Current Video:FOX Soccer's Grant Wahl talks U.S. Soccer|

FOX Soccer News caught up with Grant Wahl to talk U.S. Men's National Team and Major League Soccer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- that's why don't watching fox soccer news last night. Are they in Canada where we've played last somewhat strangely anti veteran in -- militants may be an opportunity to correct that resources. Saw I saw column I really wanna win that game because kind of upset me than to run to the leave the field in the little. And still having and are respectful and it's not going to be an easy game at all. But then all of that obviously all -- enough to -- go to what's Honduras. That was US national team skipper -- Klinsmann speaking a few days ago joining me now to talk more about the US national team it is Sports Illustrated and fox -- -- wall grant let's start off with Klinsmann camp because -- been experimenting this month with some new players who is making a real impression that you notice. Well one guy we really need to keep an eye on -- Omar Gonzalez he's a six foot five defender he was the MVP of the MLS cup final for the Los Angeles Galaxy. And he has a real opportunity here to make an impression. On the US national team really for the first time he's a guy -- very few caps. And yet he's in a position where he could actually if he plays well against candidate in this friendly next Tuesday. Earn a spot in the starting lineup for the big World Cup qualifier the US has against Honduras on February 6. Carlos coordinator is sort of on the down. Being -- of his career at this point. And there's a chance here that. A guy like Gonzalez could actually watching the starting lineup next Geoff Cameron and US central defense. Yeah both nations experiment is that friendly we'll have to come up with a friendly wager at some point put on Tennessee on Twitter. Let's talk about one player that's not at this national team camp will be part of this friendly and Landon Donovan Bruce Arena coming out saying that he's absolutely going to play come back. To Major League soccer play with the Galaxy this upcoming season. You're not too surprised by this I know. I'm really not that surprised they always seem to me that Landon Donovan was going to come back that these reports of his considering retirement from the game at age thirty. We're a little bit overblown Landon Donovan needs some time off after the last MLS seasons from time to sit back and think about where he wanted to be in his career. And I know that you may not have the hunger that he felt a few years ago for the game but this is still a very very good player when he's. In form. He's a guy who I think really wants to play in World Cup when he fourteen for the US to do so he needs to play MLS this year so that he can play with the US national team during World Cup qualifying. That Donovan is not going to be involved. Which is qualifier on February 6 but I do expect him to come back to the Galaxy to be ready for the MLS season and had a very good shot of making your and -- US team for those. March qualifiers. Let's go cross country and talk about the New York Red Bulls because I can't figure this team out if anybody can. It's got to be used miceli five days since that Lego has baca policy as a reportedly has turned down there offer so was going on why can't they finally got to manage in New York. Well they keep having guys turned down their Red Bulls policy is a report saying out of Portugal is turning down the position he is a former QPR coached. Claudio Reyna has turned down the position as an assistant coach he's the former US star. It was interesting getting into coaching but there's something about this New York Red Bulls coaching staff the coaches just don't wanna take time. I get the sense also that your our affiliate who runs a Red Bull soccer from Austria. Is really having a problem getting a sense of the calendar of ML last. There's no reason that New York shouldn't happen head coach right now. Working with a team that's an important start. She would need season they've got a lot of time. Talent I think the rebels have a chance to win a trophy to win MLS cup with -- players like teary honoree in Tim Cahill and other guys. And yet all of this this organization has become a fiasco. Inside this team that can really -- and again it's nothing new really for a team that is never won a trophy since the league started in 1996. But the running out of time so I think this is a fair question who's more likely than some managed to start the season juror who yet -- Diego Maradona seems like a logical choice to go after him next. You know what I would love to see someone entertaining about Eric and all that become an NBA head coach for the New York Red -- I wouldn't mind seeing that I think that would be a lot of fun I do think an American coach would be a good choice just because he had yet to see a newcomer coach come from Europe straight into MLS with all its quirky rules and salary caps. And roster limits that have any real success in this league with the possible exception of Gary Smith. -- Colorado couple years ago but he was out after just one year. The guys who had success in this league is coaches -- Bruce Arena dom Kinnear Jason Christ the issue mid Americans to know how the system works. They're well set as always Brad thanks that's the speaks against him. Our thanks -- Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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