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Current Video:Preview: Arsenal v West Ham|

The FOX Soccer News crew previews Wednesday's clash between Arsenal and West Ham United.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- has but watching fox soccer news last night. That a mid week seven of the London diving for Arsenal so what we got here what do you make of it was going to be a good W because both teams are fighting for points at the moment. The west -- played really well against my old team -- card weekend. And they were unlucky not to get results. Had numerous chances they just couldn't put it away just couldn't put it flammable went to Joseph Coles late goal. Six months missing. Missed a lot tosses on the weekend by the bottom everywhere does that happen there's influential. And all that fight for that this fight live their life at the moment with them and they were unlucky not to and so they need frequent this is going to be on the game and also think -- on Nava and Jacqueline hype. First off against Chelsea at the weekend they with terrible absolute terror we have been through four -- But then in the second half of -- thing this team so they came out we're real fight and it was unbelievable because if you got a tight game and so. This is in the -- worry pulling for -- moment where the characters in the sport it's amazing because. He hasn't said they could have got the result in him -- to be so cool in the first off it's amazing to see. Feel -- quotes quotes is we'll send that there's no belief. He Austin squad and -- which is very restrained he sent there's no belief within the squad that they're good enough to compete also send order negativity. Are awful and around the club at a moment is -- the players and you can see that slightly with the awesome performance at the moment. Fergie uses the hair dryer technique beggar it's all of his players in this unzipped cult something back to back that's -- -- Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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