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Current Video:Arsene Wenger feeling pressure with Arsenal|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Arsenal's woes continues in the Premier League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you meant by not watching fox soccer news last night. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been criticized in the past were comparing it top four Premier -- finish to winning a trophy but currently the gunners. Our sixth in the -- really table the seven points back of rivals Tottenham. That last champions league spot doesn't sit well with the fans to overcome -- them. Well we'll have to San veteran. Released top sides. Here's a look at how -- Don't have performed in matches against the top five that do sit in front of them. Not too good this one win those matches drawn through the fourth pick it up just five points out of a possible. 21 of the from the hurt despite the struggles are back here wants to be judged by the team's performances on the pits not -- anywhere has more. -- this taken just one pulling for a possible nine this calendar year. According to some reports that prompted Austin vendor to hold crisis talks with his players a -- the manager. Did angry got too kindly to. Don't forget that until it's proved to -- just assistants and what problems we're peach not every day what's happening in sight than to think. It is -- become -- to be too ridiculous. -- know that every seemed him moment of total photo of fluff book club has to be absolutely public and he explained. We have to stand up for all about performances but not for everything be doing something to -- Successive defeats to the clubs sitting second and third in the table and Arsenal -- fourth place swears by seven points. Going in today game and runs against west palm. What destroying. He's just do. What we did there but just more worrying been the difference of point differentials points is not dramatically. Not traumatic. But. The crew -- -- a full performance he's losing the game is not what's worrying. When you -- yards in the first off Boston's second half. Super pretty but we are exactly the same team. On the leaking a list of fines vendor imposes on his players. For misdemeanors such as lateness inappropriate clothing I'm reading the newspaper in the dressing room he. Soon more disappointing than. Perhaps a team but it was not a malicious. You know -- he's more innocent is everything Parametric sucker for that Clinton team. The John mr. Winnick and only -- due respect we respect about you know we are the only ones who make money new world so that's what we have chosen a gentleman. He says that 31 win at Upton park earlier this season was one of their best performances away from home in the doubles over. Last time and they moved two points behind fifth place at. Are the biggest certainly has his own way. With -- player -- it was the fine thank you and forces on Paul Arsenal player missing a home game without permission permission now dusty. A thousand pounds of being late for training. Player will be fun between 250 and 500 pounds turning up with the wrong kids will cost a player a hundred pounds. Jonas for fox soccer news every night at ten --

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