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Current Video:Sneijder signs for Galatasaray|

Wesley Sneijder completes his move to Turkey, but find out who else is on the move this January.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But all just Mondays ago in this month's transfer window and there's been plenty of activity own songs like today concerning potential new arrivals. Us New Castle we don't close it in close anonymous on an -- -- -- -- captain. -- for younger and -- why he's been undergoing medical Oxford club. -- -- French Taylor on the club serious cause sources have told us this opportunity council how to read a -- with Bordeaux for you'll have a good front he's -- own -- likes to discuss personal terms. -- this is nowhere near a done deal yet but this one don't seem to be. Edging closer I don't know a player talking terms as -- at -- of adopt a new council agreed a fee with normalcy so. Potentially three new signings coming in -- you counsel to -- -- the only since they have been lights persistently -- this transfer window. With -- -- from Crystal Palace on sources say the -- will continue this week. On the -- every expectation he will join you know I'd say it's on the -- owned -- who palace until the end of the season. Also sponsor side slate last week he was looking out -- -- no formal offer was ever made Ellison -- say today but -- also know how I've never been an. For some -- I don't know if you really go to Monday night TV goes to -- -- not a good luck to him. These students for a and -- a couple of times it's cheap plays to Brees is just who carries. This. A UUN punching Jimmer he's one -- pharmacy. We work very content. So potentially woman in the water spots Manchester United Frederica McCain -- Seve on his way -- -- where intrastate. In humble -- forehead not the spot as -- -- should have ends of the race and say that they are close -- our president says the agreement between the three policies is completes. But nothing has been sightings. I was yeah it's so Liverpool talks are continuing to fights between them on in some on over the attacking midfielder for the Patriots video. This isn't a straightforward deal he is a twenty year old Brazilian international. But he's told Italian television the team is happy and Syria are. But I think is to have faith in me I don't want to show my talent hinted that I don't get him on my way out I have to stay -- -- at the moment so I'm only concentrating on pitching that's only getting back to play him -- the -- them. With four you signings -- Thomas saw Ames the highest number of players -- the Premier League so far this month so I've but one player wants to leave. As far as they are concerned strong words from his monitor to -- -- it's all the French newspaper he able to leave his manager says that he will not hold talks about his future. -- get this all the time as a manager when you bring your play out of of these countries experiencing caliber from. From from inside the -- and quite words outs and -- feels a little disgruntled in terms of he should have played more than sold out a deliberate it's a fact of life whereas I mean I look at the situation and play. Where I consider it to be the best the best team. I'm because out Cabrera -- is a long standing injury. I he's found it difficult to adjust to what they do independently so. If he's or not paying. Here -- it is safe place for months things -- -- Hofstra. Quicker more ways to fold once more much -- Lawrence. Who has been injured for three -- On this -- with Celtics aren't plenty of debate some votes in the future over Gary superstar Sosa told us that Cooper hosts our daughter and but at least this cold -- over it's believed it doesn't principle upon with the highest Aaron Harris. Norwich city have already had a bids rejecting its. I'm staying here with knowledge interest and to see Coleman sat on switzer had today from that chief executive. He's taken something in responding to questions from supports us. He said -- of our senior players are for sale. I'm won't be included in any player -- so the message there are quite clear promotion sponsor in salt deals are concerned. It's not happening what Landis -- -- -- -- dates with wet sleet -- I don't. He boasts the woman go to way it was nearly two removes the primarily decal it's -- like how my confirmed -- signed a three and a half year -- shots. Sutter completed his medical but you can see that a lot calmer in that has -- to -- -- -- -- -- we're flares and fireworks and sets -- on number of supporters. Who welcomes him -- based -- -- -- -- -- -- -- some on his beliefs have been at just under eight and a half million pogroms. But if he was never the issue with the Steelers the wages as agents such might have been -- At -- the primarily been a formal offer woes never made so sonic -- didn't -- days ago in this trial so when -- -- more than 46. And a half million pounds is being spent before the 11 PM deadline on Thursday the fancy cars.

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