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  3. Kevin Durant2:06
  4. Premier League0:13
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Current Video:Southampton v Everton Premier League Highlights 01/21/13|

What kind of impact would Nigel Adkins' departure as Saints boss have on the squad as they face Everton at St. Mary's? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Points apiece in the Monday night match in the Barclays Premier League -- goes on the south guys between Southampton. And edited. It -- -- what -- -- -- -- David Johnson the sank after placing night tonight and that's week. He stepped into the evening Ricky bit almost put the right -- big -- -- twenty it is brilliant free kick. 4050 yards out for them that. Guys like afraid but -- go and -- able to reach a century if that. Southampton have by -- the Specter of defense -- -- really should of got -- the break in front touched him Ramirez also went close. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of the nation if I would would things. Went -- inhibited from going behind. Very uncharacteristically. Pulled this tough performance from David Boies team. You knew that they could lead to a data points if both nights taught him with victory here tonight. Knew that much different after the restart that I almost went ahead six minutes into the second half Maryland -- -- shot. Well save by thoughts of courage that an accident get a you'd be -- him to go. Newhouse school since the start that this have been looking great night that this season. -- -- -- -- -- -- Put the Southampton means that now full clear of the medications I took from the sixties giving up that Manchester United had sixty on the horizon. Just lastly Allen -- together -- wasted a golden opportunity to put attitude I had -- -- -- pictured it should be spared the pool. In relation to their attitude and I -- goals not to comply. Think he missed his -- -- and natural strength and then got seventy pretty -- games that have. Opportunities to take -- three hit pictured chipping and I'm glad now that it's safe from Norwich. Kevin Durant is still settling plays -- the -- last week you have that maybe just like that from -- coordinates on. Maybe we'll just see that era of to a steady start final scores -- -- in Southampton -- attitude you know.

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