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Current Video:Sneijder close to making Turkey switch|

Get all the latest transfer news from around the world of soccer including Wesley Sneijder's pending move away from Inter Milan.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just ten days to go this monster and so when -- for the 11 PM deadline and all the fancy first -- gulf. This evening's updates outs Manchester City on developments in the future of not your voluntarily his agent's house told an Italian radio station that are already in his words. -- your chances of a deal what this month he says that since he won't sell ballots -- what they do have a first option agreement with in some a lot of should they wish to sell him so voluntarily stayed in not show those month. Box the view all his agents not get a look at those Wesley Schneider has been undergoing a medical after agreeing a move to Dallas costs by. This was she might have been based on -- this afternoon. He had feelings with a roof of the Premier League worth keeping an eye on the show spirit of why this is their sites going for all -- the play and so the boss. -- and zero for officials report workers how big of -- -- -- -- -- to welcoming him to Turkey as he prepares for about medical. He says that he's not been motivated by money -- look at the reaction -- another cold front the -- in some allowed. But not a hopes to make his debut next week. Eventually side adults or not Boston has been undergoing not medical we are. A waiting for the word from ballots Haas -- buy it presumably know. That problems without medical every expectation that will be signed unsealed. Sooner rather than later probably Italy thrown tonight's not a two of Manchester United transfer target some knots in his -- -- so hot. Crystal Palace have told us earlier that -- notes that given permission falls -- hard to speak so you know I see it. A deals not been reached but we're being -- look this is close. Arsenal are intrusive and -- Abu Dhabi united remain favorites to sign and in this -- no. -- with a -- to be moved back to palace until. The end of the season may well have more on this later Jones is one thing keeping across. That's tonight's program for not sets folks are considering. -- between Liverpool aren't in some on the over the signing of attacking midfielder for me to continue this comes Thornton issue valuation is believed an initial all for a but just over six and a half million -- -- rejecting -- continue is a twenty year old Brazilian international. Now from one player who's going to -- of the Premier League to the championship. Caught a city -- -- -- Frazier Campbell from some -- it's a three and a half your deal here's your manager has spoken. So loss with a loss soda or so about his valuable new addition to this course. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had electric there's some talent there and you know elected -- -- -- to -- to prosecute US and you know -- Sunderland and there's you know look at -- actually -- So to get to -- Producing points to commute to knock on effects from not -- deal that we're told us on and still have a strong interest in signing -- Graham from swarms me. They've made a formal offer for him along with Norwich but there could be something of a domino effect -- of us because -- he wants a replacement -- Before greater McCown leaf sports oldest are small and zero concerns but our main target all fronts is -- when Jones -- stoke. -- excellence like you know improved -- has yet been made. Supreme could leave if -- and agree to do it for Jones it does give you an idea of -- complicated sometimes this would do county particularly in January. We're monitors where players were chairman of very very hesitant and selling players without having a replacements it. But to queens park Rangers one player who -- national dairy can sign a new one year extension to his contract so he's made 91 appearances. In all competitions for QB on Barry says he's enjoying his football. More on ever QPRB trying to sign on it via from a red. -- will be interesting to but -- edging closer to move to Ruben consign it seems -- representatives say how suggested a -- in the region of ten million pogroms. It's close to being agreed to move could go through in the next 24. Hours so that you can ought to sit and so on and so Guzman fielder. -- -- so career on the -- are so -- preference is to join you counsel. Reports -- -- -- agent will be QPR officials rates are this week's loss wants morsel to vessel to transfer targets. I've from QPL having so what's gone sources interest in the to try and shock -- -- -- care if he's well known how to -- not from assignment. About Portsmouth on this site and ops -- them and supportive over -- transfer targets therapies or older when he would welcome. Feel fortunate you were so to speak to QP auto once emerged but -- still something of a -- on this one no new periods and has yet been made Westbrook moms -- Steve Clarke has always maintains that he is know for sale. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And improved offer for the west -- defended the big house and -- -- and gets have been told me it's all surprised if it's dogs. Have a go to stop them by the SPL arms to Celtic their -- to monitor says at a house we know freshman sport striker Gary Hooper. But he did say the -- Charlie Olsen is sold their list of targets shoots. -- -- The situation say inside today. Essence and settled. We don't want -- affiliate I think he's very happy here. And estimate is right now obviously. There was have been coming in foreign blitzes to -- continuous. Good enough fan and that's what we are telling all of a pleasant may be on -- so what's Charlie is proven goal scoring you know. No mystery I mean he might come in -- in the future right I don't know I think we. Gary can stay on the enemy -- At least on the some and that's would be huge great trusting in club. Full of itself transfer news from a Celtics bring your seat in the Australian midfielder told Roger chose not being -- say it's. A work permit following his move from central coast Mariners he -- returns to Australia it's a complete some final paperwork before. Returning to Moscow supporter of Premier League clubs that don't something in this try and so Wendell more than 42 million Barnes has been spent on a whole club still. With ten days to go in this window.

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