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Current Video:Everton fan found guilty of racist abuse|

An Everton supporter has been charged with racist abuse during the Toffees' match against QPR in October.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Never Tim Brown has been found guilty of racially abusing your Premier League through bowlers in front of his wife children and grandson. Fourteen year old William blinding shouted racist abuse at Everton striker. Big attack and it should be -- -- -- intimated that Park Ji Sung but he maintains he is not a racist. Defiance no apology no regrets the ever since time convicted of racially abusing -- Premier League players -- -- isn't isn't it. Nothing whatsoever and I'm guilty of the found guilty and that's that's the way -- -- -- is this idiocy is wrong. William by the arrived at school -- wife confidence he was about to be cleared over the getting off. -- -- -- -- -- The judge of the ninety minutes of evidence -- he could do it -- guilty of what was holding court. The -- -- the pulling out for us for eleven year old son sixteen year old Dawson. It's three year old -- -- by driving to and keep the opposite -- game on October 21. Is keeping our -- stingy self talk. He also -- the abuse of a really good players it's an age of 82 on the very day had been one of several black players to protest about racism. But refusing to Erica can actually show it before kickoff. Fellow ever since I'm Neil Jordan told the coach he was so upset by driving to produce. You said went on throughout the game he took this picture of him that showed it to you it's who makes removed him from the ground. Another -- in front of the game Joseph -- also complained about -- these races into the play is the general abuse and keep you off Clemens. I think denied racist language that didn't make using swear words and insulting words what it perceives -- -- -- I consider Fred may bounce up. He told the Jimmy used that kind of races I don't know I haven't had the winter's as a says I have a problem until it got a boyfriend my son as a college friends up to step. Two -- Children so you know wouldn't. I think he lives in Liverpool in his emergency even be back in court next month for sentencing is it totally expected batting order the top of any other punishment meted out.

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