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Current Video:Recap: Chelsea holds off Arsenal's late push|

Check out FOX Soccer News as they take a look at Chelsea's victory over Arsenal.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- fun watching fox soccer and is last night. Chelsea they have lost twice at home this season to Manchester United and QPR the blues have also been held to six draws at home -- much of a fortress on Sunday the British home. To -- Dhabi with Arsenal that side that have scored more than one way to bridge more than any other Premier League side. -- in this draft Benitez is only see decide when twice at home here's a look at Chelsea's managers in their first sixteen games in the Roman about -- era the worst. Is raffle thirty points after sixteen games Davey be one better than average as a Marino as the most points followed there by Carlo adds a lot see how quick. Roman was let all those gentlemen ago. To that -- Chelsea have been struggling at home from beneath says wondering if things might change now. The visitors with a great chance to open the sport in the fifth minute deal while Scottie threw for the kids the -- but the Frenchman pulls it wide of the post. To waste the opportunity to. Then go right back the other way. They've done has been a quest that with a pretty -- back for a while not that that's an even better -- and a lovely finished the Spaniard is brilliant one mil for Chelsea. Like of that. The -- their furious they get that Ramirez fouled Breslow got -- when Chelsea and gain possession. -- -- Would have been called on Sunday certainly eleventh minute Chelsea in complete control at -- dogs great footwork and had to go what Jack says they don't. Thanks to say he's up to the fast. The fifteenth minute match that we'll find Ramirez this time he tries to step around the -- gently comes out and brings them down. Forcing the rest of course for the spot hands yellow for the polish keeper. Both surprised who steps up to the bucket right in this though it is Franklin park. Who makes it look so easy doesn't matter what weather conditions this season at the spot you know what's going into they'll Chelsea. But -- dominant first half to the second half the gunners. Look a little better sense a couple of free kick cleared -- different parts activities denied by Peter Jack. The 58 minute -- left pretty threw ball four -- got this time the man who decides extension probably puts it away. Arsenal within a goal. But we have an epic comeback. Lot of work to do yet 86 minutes Ashley Cole he knocks down back who sent him just outside the eighteen yard box. For the gunners -- left foot Thomas for mileage believe -- or not it's a free kick but he can't -- inside the far post. Experiment to throw off Chelsea have backfired stop -- stop Larsen but -- -- try to steal that point Jack Wilson into the area Giroux with a difficult attempts. And his -- is wasted. It's a big dog went for Chelsea 21 of they take their walks a lot -- is now scored or assisted sixteen Premier League goals this season. Only obviously of Suarez and got warm Chelsea went home for just the third time to draft took over. The gunners who's on the road for the first time in six games and after the match -- vendor was not pleased with the penalty that led to that fourth goal and. Sense of -- -- penalty if you. No. What do you think it would I think draws open Q what did you think and I didn't shoot -- From. The bench but that's been told few -- and gone to division that emotional content was a clear foul -- Yeah I can. Should have been -- about it count. You have an opinion you have a lot of -- so you would see. What do you think not but I have my idea but I would have been talking all -- every single incident to an agreement that we this has to include working toilet it's a very good team. And that's it. I think the biggest surprise not the score line. Wouldn't have any. -- -- struggling with the -- and winter conditions sack in look at this and I look at Chelsea first because the -- Benitez to go to his squad this week with a completely different game plan because they came out looking very different we've -- -- You know -- sometimes the managers the it's a thankless job at times so arriving today let's. -- do it when the credit is due and Rafa Benitez from me had his hands all of that is -- -- deserves a lot of credit to did you have instructed his team. To exploit the right side of fullback. Back -- -- offensive minded. But here's the lead after the first goal. An estimated to perfection really that's what started with a controversial non call in the middle of the field Ramirez and -- In that involvement but watching aside and out of place just moments -- he was attacking now is trying to recover. Well guess recognizes that knocked out and it had to be a perfect ball he got the ball from what I touched it's a terrific ball over top here again same sequence. We're getting is having watched -- and again out of position where things ball's gonna end up it's going to that side I did you not. Could it be before the game at half time and again tomorrow they will be speaking about this moment in time that this is where. You exploit one sack and goes out. Take that opportunity to hit -- hit that side whenever he's out of the play because they don't do a good job Arsenal does of covering him once he goes. A surprise to see San you have to deport him surprised to see -- cuts on a new deal is now playing up top -- plan on going again. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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