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What kind of impact would new QPR signing Loic Remy have on Saturday's London derby?


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-- -- less than in the capital and -- but his statement out to Bobby's great -- a good points against the pulled aside. But the second successive -- -- have already started strongly committed to this deadly effective successive defeats in -- league -- -- Medical instantly pulling for Kevin -- this is off and say. -- to make seven saves please some of the teams involved in conflict of replays in the week. It is not going to -- -- for like points adrift of safety and having started on the back but they would then in front. I know they take good English football for quite ready and instant impacts courageous club record of sonic bomb -- site on the side after that -- -- split the west ham defense. I'm ready did the rest. Play with just won't go in this classic statement appearances in France truly great yes against Carolina. Missed them started strongly in the second half as they pressed for the publicity that the chances going to balance and it -- -- opposite events including the pulled it. Seven of its last stop I was over still didn't really threaten your guys and saw in the Rangers go. We'll -- it hasn't scored in the primarily since September all of 2011. This was to be his last cuts that I Kelton -- coming home. I'd say seventy and his presence made an immediate difference the west and drove the ball it is the same places -- and still throw was perfect place. Wanted equalizing goal his first in the -- for a decade. Second go to to parkinson's and having schools political just before his move. So you won't that won't events and it sent -- I'm up way late plus full three points. Expand this study courses they ultimately thank Winston -- into the excitement to. Just two wins and eleven but indicates that our whole west ham wedges and breaking records fixes the fight -- season competitions. We don't but the point one.

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