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Current Video:Southampton manager Adkins fired|

FOX Soccer News discusses the firing of Southampton manager Nigel Adkins.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now football management can be one of the most unforgiving jobs around the highs for their incredible the -- can be devastating the -- makes the latest from the firing then. All the more confusing. Friday mornings at Hampton fired manager Nigel had it. The Saints. Are fifteenth in the from the tape and they say it's a remarkable comeback. At Stamford Bridge just two days ago to -- a thrilling 22 draw. But the European champions -- ownership felt that that just wasn't enough Atkins led the Saints two back to back promotions and he -- the club a remarkable 51 replaces. Just 46 months in charge. -- -- -- Leaving SF -- most successful manager and the last 100 years he won 67. Of his 144 games in charge that's good enough. For winning percentage of 54%. Talent part of ranks funny enough second on the list of 53%. At in this sacking the huge surprise all across England. There's no place him as surprised. As a physical and then there's some. Strange things happen again preferable but that does seem very unfair to them you surprised by -- by this events. And fortunately for -- angeles'. And medianews. Risky business to surprise because it Kennedy who was in a great job. From the beginning here so prominent enough that he was two out. Not always. It and you're on defense and your talent is of that is credited. By what you are doing -- I think certainly this is the case now at this particular stage just that you went through Chelsea and then drove the European champions and -- run that they were putting. Together and I could see the other day. We do have a lot of first cuts on the little things that we can analyze. And -- hostility game he would do and so we'll. Was -- this is a crazy world. This -- out we've. For you try to really as some have -- wasting no time in a point actions as replacement former. That's been a manager for itself but it's you know that's the new -- the forty year old let the other Catalan side. For over two and a half seasons but to Tino was sacked in November that's when you'll dead last in the league -- they had -- since there's a player wants white caps for Argentina. My remembers -- Michael Owen at the 2002. World Cup. -- what the Saints doing and fifteenth sixteen games to go the sixteen is below them in the primarily the wall with a -- -- expectations of what this season should have been. I think that's the million dollar question maybe clearly expected more. And as Iraq and was producing anyway and and and for our part from the bystander part we thought he's doing well and I am maintain that but isn't odd sacking every -- is coming go with the timing of this one. It's certainly -- No question about it I -- actions improve this team considerably over the course of the season no denying they were really -- start the season you know conceding goals and -- So pretty if he's in their first. Ten league games and that's never good and of course at that time you think he's gonna get fired. But lately though this team Bears no resemblance of the one. Of the previous seat of the start of the season just two defeats in last twelve games they found their stride so this is. Kirk really odd time to fire the manager on the heels of two very good result very odd timing sending horses midstream makes no sense to me the -- to -- fans already planning a protest for him. We what's your gut feelings come from Spain -- this backfire for the Saints. You know and a I'm with that same gut feeling as well because it's it's pre season all over essentially that's what it is nice fat kids does not deserve to -- polls in this. -- he's taken this team to some promotion. And he's really build something and he's built some. System this year alone starting off poorly and didn't really have caught strength. And and and they're improving as the games in the season wears on this is the time for him to continue his role not for someone else you would commit. But it is one interesting concept you need but might need to consider here. You know maybe when they fired -- they thought. They're good teams will be expected more so let's bring someone else in. To continue this good run of form that -- as opposed to bring him into him and poor form and it's starting from really from scratch but we'll see I just missed back -- well. That's -- said what can come in doesn't speak English. I was able to build a relationship to sign language at least that's funny all Aguirre has them up to fourteen so who knows we'll see there. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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