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Current Video:2013 MLS SuperDraft Recap|

The FOX Soccer News crew recaps the first round selections of the 2013 MLS SuperDraft.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed by not watching fox soccer news last night. Let's start again with the big day that it was on this side of the Atlantic as the unless you were draft was front and center. Here's another look -- -- Thursday's top five picks new England and Louisville defender Andrew Ferrell the top overall pick. We'll see this USA stuck to their -- and selected you've got senior. Carlos Alvarez Toronto FC selected Oakville Ontario native -- back for the third selection. Well event for the white caps selected eighteen year old champion striker that would dominate and southern farm infielder Eric Hurtado. I'm up top spot so. Breaking down the players from six to ten then with the sixth at the Colorado Rapids selected for the short round out of the University of Central Florida. Brown scored thirteen goals in sixteen games this season. At UCF enough that a number seven FC Dallas still defender walker Zimmerman from Furman. Most -- it -- stock dropped a bit after he skipped the analysts come by this past week -- Montreal's first selection came. At number eight where they -- infielder Blake Smith out of New Mexico. Smith didn't travel to Indy for the draft but I. It was his birthday would have a pass to number nine widely Columbus Crew took fourth line Finley at the University of Notre Dame Finley. Never started -- game when Notre Dame after transferring from Duke. In points and Jeff Sanders on the tenth pick overall and used it on forward -- seven that's that out of Indiana. Seven that was a member of the under seventeen US World Cup team in 2009 he also helped lead the Columbus Crew juniors. Didn't -- eleven US Seles and put points championship. Ask for the rest the first round. What was Allison down from Texas eleven to nineteen -- felt like we hope that John starts -- Fills the void left -- -- Johnson's right the Portland Houston they were happy to see that Jason Johnson was still on the board when they selected him on the thirteenth. Mikey Lowell -- fell in the lap of sporting KC at number fourteen Casey also use the draft to show off their New Jersey sponsor -- thoughts. -- he kept up their first round by selecting another Canadian and every welshman and to end around the LA Galaxy selected Charlie rod. Player that wasn't even a monumental -- east Vinny Ellis comeback. So let's talk about the rest of the draft any. Zimmerman why do you think he drops so far he was projected to be one of the top three X what it was a lot of talk about why he didn't -- to -- mine but the the major -- is that. He's had maybe in the injuries all season long and extra weeks injuries and and that's why he's hasn't turned up the comment that this is a big question mark about he's over most veteran where Rican. Come play on and competitive season and -- less so that's why he probably dropped so much and I think he's an exciting prospect of big guy. Complained defensively can play up top as well so who knows he's real position we're going to play defense for his college team. What's more important is that that was gotten so low so they'll be over -- over join in in getting him so low. Because they -- the -- he been available -- as well so I think Dallas of one today -- -- and that aspect but injury prone health prone like the same good way to start your career. -- -- Big movers and shakers they got the two Canadians they want when you make -- today well I think is. Not so much about the Canadians but I think is about to play is that they they feel can come into the squad and be. Paddy play as -- gonna get minutes spoke about players come in and getting minutes and these two guys that will get. Minutes this year. Campaign and stopped for very clever what they did so they can win out we knew what they wanted to get. Renewed -- these drafted. Traded a couple of spaces but they were still getting used to play especially. Welshman who still available late on and they managed to pick him up so again he's a right wing off. Casey had a very good call -- as well some will increase college teams scored a few goals and of course they have a close relationship. Call back kind of rules from coming from the same academy in Canada his holding -- -- maybe you be better than to do come to the club. Moreover friendship and they'll -- better with the rest of the teammates TSE draft in those two Canadians but on Thursday also got a ton of allocation money and a break this out of line. Allocates money so important qualification money's important and that's what you -- really once they mean that the they drafted two. Real good guys in. In my -- kill Arabic is going to be a guy that will come on and get allotment this year and maybe be a Stotts was he in the season. But yeah allocation money that they -- today from the rest of the clubs is gonna improve their vacation -- stupendous -- Hey you come breakdown play as salaries that you have when your roster already you can wasn't used to some vacation money so. Supply players from outside of the league so it helps to have that or so it helps you would give DP. Salary so if you go to the PSU club that you wanted to break down in the count against you know some we kept so much. You can break down his money using the allocation fund that you have and see if she gained a lot of that allocation money today was player draft on those that you think will make the most immediate impact. Washington if you look out of the top five and that's why there was so many. Trades going on so many. Spaces going from its roomful between and that's what teams he traded down. I think you look -- he's he's a guy that's gonna going straight away. And be -- star he's going to be excited and going to new England and be a solid role in this defense. But electric guy and he did that was at Chicago lost control for Belfort hi this is in -- program called record -- I think it was a -- speak about being technically sound. Very good on the -- very comfortable in the -- He's used to the hustle and bustle of the -- ready hasn't played it but we've seen him. Email club in the train an aspect and we know that he's capable of playing. With high standard plays so these are the two guys I think we're -- of in the unless you think the -- gonna make an immediate impact when you talk about how you played essential defense and the Clinton as midfielder should say. But his strength and his build. Since being on the back line. Knew it was a team that finished ninth in the Eastern Conference is putting a rookie. And leaning on a rookie investment ordeal she think that that's why they traded up to the top pick so. They filled it he can move into the straight with the picks on the book is that he's not great we -- feet. These decision making is not the best is also is that I have to develop that forever but they seem has been a -- back that. And athletic pasty guy that can read the bowl over the top and help them out. With this slow defense that they had lost here. Jonas for fox soccer news every night at ten --

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