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Current Video:Chelsea v Southampton Preview|

FOX Soccer News previews Wednesday's Premier League clash between Chelsea and Southampton.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss by not watching fox soccer news last night. -- -- -- Hampton on Wednesday in a -- league game missed last month because of Chelsea's trip to the fifa club World Cup in Japan and -- a couple of talking points that -- had back then in December stick with -- will go back to Taurus. Why our rapids meant so much better on the road than they are at home. These are not questions for which I can answer Nick Collins as the story. No such thing as home sweet hunt for a for Benitez at the moment. One victory in six previous league games at Stanford bridge. Compared to six consecutive away wins in all competitions. Including the former Rome but -- concern today. But he just has maybe Chelsea will need to change their tactics at home. When you play at home -- you have to improve the principal. You have to find this phase and then you have to remote the size and o's he would have to practice and then prepare. Some thoughts about what you can maybe you do do in the game but did they know that they have two different movements to. Franklin taught -- to -- number 194. -- -- who's just -- short you know contend in. In two until some dreadful but still very sort of a change of -- from the club and didn't -- tonight. I have to be the best for him and I would be delighted if he can score fifty goals since talented you know this isn't then my job's just to keep him. Seats and then I am sure that he's human being what can and he's working at the moment. Ticket has a check reckons -- playing well enough to get another contract next season but Benitez would be -- What maybe Pete Phillips trying to say that -- -- -- to. He can play a good Clement and hopefully he can continue until the end of his. Chelsea remained cautious about that the boss fitness and his name doesn't appear to be holding up well. He's fine we know that there we have to -- -- put. And that kind of stuff it's true -- choke he was training to leave posting just the -- John Terry inches ever closer to a first start since being injured in November when things that may come just too soon. Low in look at all that and for the first time as blues boss Benitez is -- today selection nightmare. Reference that the Eagles had headaches come as a major headaches on I'm not so good about Chelsea fans -- because. In reality the Chelsea team squads that he's had -- the possible facility basically picked themselves due to injuries suspensions stuff like that. But now he's getting a full squad back with election John Terry coming back from injury -- it was come back off yourself was born the weekend. He's bought them before off. They got him on the contract now does he -- these four beautiful Suns -- -- who was meant to revitalize this -- quarterback. So we've got some major major headaches coming out and if this call because this is where his managerial skills are gonna come into play because. The human league to stick to the -- it Chelsea and trying to keep everyone happy. That is the hardest part of being a manager and a Premier League club I think that's a new thing for Johnson had to start -- graph showed up the pressure on those massive -- -- Hampton a team that lost 51 to Chelsea in the FA cup. Expecting a repeat here. I'm expecting a repeat -- actually -- cellphones and play pretty well in the FA cup game 35 ones like nobody conceded two goals just before half time. From Moses and having them the ball going through school as well and that really kill himself from some but I think. If they can keep organized if they can keep them -- -- Chelsea fans. Very quiet and start getting them on Chelsea's back. And I think they might have a little bit which -- It was very you'll realize that we can against Aston Villa okay. The hit man that Villa them -- he missed the couple been taken missed a couple of chances but. They've got a little bit confidence now going into Chelsea is -- -- thinking keep their fans quiet. Just thought get the -- -- on the Chelsea teams back then they might have a slight chance of winning over those fans it's kind of gonna take something really special the organizers have before Benitez will never win over the fence while that. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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