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Current Video:QPR signs Remy, closing in on M'Vila|

QPR brings in highly coveted Loic Remy from Marseille and is aiming to sign Renne's Yann M'Vila. Find out who else is making moves in the January transfer window only on FOX Soccer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gaffney and on day sixteen of the transfer window and where else to start YQPR. Of course on the though it -- below it -- any side got. Is finally over for four transfer -- he's been a stalwart of the -- putt at last he is an English football having joined queens park Rangers hi Redknapp. Has -- does not afford a half year deal the -- believed to be in the region of eight million punts and a wet number eighteen chart -- -- said this afternoon. -- played a big part in me coming here I spoke to him on Tony Fernandez at length and they made it clear they wanted me here they gave me the right motivation to Julian QPR and -- may well not be the only French international on his way to West London again this one we've been closely monitoring all week ever since -- enough walks down in -- plays for ran on Saturday night. And the TP obelisk is fairly optimistic they'll pull this one off today. And 28 million for him. Just over a year ago so. You know I think he's. Good value. At ways we will did nothing he will be out -- it will be down there yeah. Yeah no but he's you know -- may Mendez spoke to us but you know we -- do -- looks OK computer. Some news not on -- -- elude him winning and despite Harry Redknapp distancing CPR from in the last night. There may still well be some legs in this limited when he came off the bench for the last twenty minutes of the game between west brom and keeping our last night sky sources. I'm told is that his desire is to -- to keep PR. He believes that the -- in the region of two and a half million punts that was rejected by west -- Is an adequate -- for his services and if nothing materialized with this then -- the last resort. He has prepared to -- in a formal transfer request to watch this space. On not one -- C state meanwhile looks like he might be a player leaving -- PR how to read not confronting last night that if they get an offer for him. He's looking to move on let's move on ourselves from. Queens park Rangers all laid on the other sports like Wales on swans the Abu Dhabi grand could he be on his way Ellis. Also on these sources have told me he wants to return to the northeast in place for Middlesbrough. And is from up part the world remember Sunderland. Are very keen on them but as things stand no bid has been made you console in the market for striker having lost them about hardly -- snaps from under their news is by keeping our. So expect developments. On the front straight from one thing not let's talk about west highland united now a possible pursuit. A block punts mocks and also the -- fullback is a player that's all on their radar not initially a bit of two million Collins was rejected by by Blackburn. With them wanting to run three times that's. Olsen himself powdered but learn to accept -- -- such as his desire to -- the west com and linked up with his former boss some other guys. I'm not told that a -- improved bit how is coming in for the Swedish international so this is a potential deal worth keeping an island well we've already spoken about. Read me on the Villa on C say distinctly French flavor to today's transfer news so let's keep it that way at. -- cup food the -- defensive midfielder being told it's possible he'll be moving to the Premier League and that there are two clubs but want his signature. As representatives talking to them -- they say it's too early to say whether the move will happen but the the play himself -- team we can't say with any -- which two clubs they are. -- ought to have both been mentioned in some reports from France. I've been told the south and Atlanta and from -- -- -- -- there's no trees and then -- linked to the player not. Crystal Palace as wilfried sock hop player on the radar of the few clubs. One of them Manchester United are chief he's reporter Russell Wilson's been speaking to back chief executive David Gill. He says the Premier League leaders -- to go out we will not be doing any business this transfer window but has had the desire -- could be a player they may fourth. This summer. There's one that has been looking out hustled over settlement but even if we didn't do something -- Wilford as time it's it's you know that there would be some. You confidence that you will do deal possibly the strongest with a -- him joining us on. Not what I'm saying is I don't know gonna come have been in trouble -- long as I had deals on bonds has done so we're looking Lopez were looking out and we'll see what happens but you know it's a hello and again. And finally from us and you on the ducks international goal -- -- and stack and Barrett. After reports from anything that road not for him he's only started nine games this season. Are willing to let him leave the club he's pulled light of the Italian cup match against Fiorentina tonight with a stomach -- not being told. There's definite interest from the primarily but I Soviet. Nothing concrete been placed on -- mentally. Fulham are one of the clubs interested settlement played under mark -- I acts he's a play you'll mentioned many times in the past. A marsh tour mark Schwartz and not forty years of age so that you think would be keen to bring in reinforcements Arsenal. -- will be linked with and it's believed -- -- keen to bring in cover for voice checked Chesney. Fifteen days five dollars 42 minutes ago fassel for not.

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