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Current Video:Bernstein speaks at FA's 150th anniversary|

Hear chairman David Bernstein's opening speech from the Football Association's 150th anniversary celebration.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- will -- -- 150 years ago today but these -- called more team and its friends met in what was then defeat -- just happen. They changed the world by producing the first rules of the game. They're original but you've seen it time and commitment -- book is on display here today. The long game of football was called back today and his subsequent journey across continents and how options has been extraordinary. Twelve I don't need the football association continue to sit at his heart out. We should never underestimate the occasional and the importance on on on maintaining a strong relationships across the game. Internationally. Despite occasional frustrations we have always and will continue. To count full possible improvements in the development of willful will. Through UEFA and fifa. Domestically. While the FA must lead everyone involved in full full house -- ability to support the game -- promoting fair play and positive behavior. Too encouraging intrusion. Until they called us. -- UEFA champions league final returning to win but he made. An exciting men's senior program. The women's -- participating in the UEFA euros in Sweden. Developments -- in Israel and Turkey and five and its domestic fictions the professional game we'll continue. To exercise and entertain.

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