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Managers and former players weigh in on tackling in the Premier League after Vincent Komapny's hard challenge on Jack Wilshere.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If I is that attendance and companies right -- the Manchester City captain was sent home for telling them -- will share on Sunday. Well west ham manager Sam -- dice believes it shouldn't have been a red content last place. Vincent can be tackle was a perfect tackle. Wouldn't listen to an expert. In other words some expert. No seriously. In the army and feet feel right for not experts in 2000 Smart jumpstart. My whole life. And time it was an excellent technique and. Vincent who returned the tuck who. Doesn't have to control in perfect control the person -- Mora to control your routine outscored them. So yes. Leaping to feature some fool like what character kids there send them off the that's where the big problem -- as soon as anybody says let's have them there to slip slowed down when we had some constituents and -- -- return to. Control let's hope that's -- -- -- QB you can be in control he was in perfect control our decision more control than Jack -- who wants -- -- and fortunately. The referees. Drop -- Present it in that -- rules for me. Come get -- on the top of it because I just think with -- the opt out of the game. And sometimes spartans look to see a real fierce challenge -- it is always you hit the ball bad it was -- You know what -- that's the way that gives squirm these days when you go when it's not blunt I think if it is getting waivers which it would have been fine. I said -- -- but -- -- you -- -- no problem. You know people wouldn't have even thought it's been good or anything -- to send them off. Daily with them more fouls far you know cut yesterday and usually that means he's more efficient. Honestly he's with let's follows you have to you cut. So depressed I'm a protective. But here assembled for -- because you can see things haven't. Thoughtful. Fragile confidence that the couple contest and it more than any other league and was the Bundesliga eternity. Syria. It's obviously and let us. Bit differently than what. Total chicken distance and England is Tuesday. The most to see close competition.

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