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Current Video:Strachan unveiled as Scotland manager|

Get the latest news regarding Scotland's appointment of Gordon Strachan as its new manager.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It starts with -- to you have a point to -- track and -- then he managed it today people with Celtic manager has signed a contract until European championships. In 26 state. Logic -- -- and at Hampden park tells a very good evening to use that just how tough the Joseph Ben -- track and got ahead of him. Always a big Joba ahead of him Simon is no doubt about not skull in a -- Tim. All of the World Cup qualifying group two points from four games the last two qualifiers they played you lost to Wales and Cardiff of course. And I dramatic -- regards bill still a game for Wales and then skull with a Belgium and they were comprehensively beaten by. By and the group's favorites not nice to Scotland's World Cup dream. Is pretty much over if you ask any -- and find it's really about building and getting some momentum some try -- And some joy bite into the national team and -- Gordon Strachan wants to do he was very upbeat. -- his press conference today he's clearly delights it to get the job but he knows the tools he has to work west. Are limited to a certain extent and what he needs to do its work cut the best way for the players he has at his disposal. To produce results this is what he had to say. -- into the stuff. The swollen and and ideally. And that we had lately and -- -- the team -- to completely. And doesn't that ultimately. Trust -- honestly down mentally. We'll have to do his thing that I can make up missed it moment in the -- to put McCain if it will. I thought was right and really should've used the lives of -- via and his us I think the system of the game. To limit and finish and a and -- got a system that series sees -- right now and over the he has to mark and Billy -- will develop another stellar Knuble and you know a few years. And at this moment. Look at things that. -- tells why in the end of the SF I go for gold distract him. While he was I think the obvious and sensible choice he's a safe pair of tons. -- and he was the big makers favor at the start I had been names tied to such as Joseph Jordan Ellis MacLeish Kenny Dalglish had been mentioned as well that Gordon struck and how has the experience he highs certainly in Ohio old Scottish players he's always had great success here. At Celtic as a manager in recent times and he's also face French. I think he's ready for a challenge he's been out of football for couple of years since leaving Middlesbrough. And certainly that is one of the main reasons that appealed to the exit -- of course. He is upright skull as well this is what the chief he's activist your Regan made obstructions appointment. The single biggest issue that I think and moved to -- at the boards too often go in the position was his passion. But beastie so I have to be Scotland manager he wanted the job. -- -- it's something that's he spoke at length about until you thought was they. That the key -- to the -- folks to come truck tool -- the remainder of the 24 to welcome come thin arms these European accompanying 26 state. So the -- they are happy stolen signs that we spoken to -- -- and Gordon Strachan. That will be getting off to pretty swift start I Scotland manager at the first -- that he faces. Is three weeks tomorrow that's a friendly against -- in Aberdeen not salvage a former. Stumping -- -- has not game could be excel like nine it picked tawdry. He -- -- there return fixture here against Wales in March and the World Cup qualifier if it's a double header Sarah B a -- that. That is a Corey shot -- far away in June. But I really I cashing fixture England Wimbley in August will be instinct to see just how much progress gold have made by day and many people think that this World Cup campaign is over and skull and ability to 2016. Go to strike and thinks it's vitally important. Skull and get good results and these qualifiers over the next few months and it will be fascinating to see how he gets on.

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